How Water Heater Tank Booster Will Provides More Hot Water

Cole from Champion Plumbing explains how the water heater tank booster will provide you with hot water more readily available between uses than without. Also, allows the homeowner to monitor the temperature of hot water being used with the provided temperature indicator. We also explain why it’s important to ensure hot water maintains a 140-degree temperature, to protect us from Legionnaires disease. For more information regarding Legionaires’ disease, see the link provided below. “How Common is Legionnaires’ disease? Death Rate per Year? | HC Info”… If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us and we will be happy to help! Champion Plumbing: 651.365.1340

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  • What’s Legionnaires Disease?
  • Learn How Water Heater Tank Booster Will Provides More Hot Water
  • How Water Heater Tank Booster Works.

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Troy: Troy here with Champion Plumbing out at Eagan. I’m with Cole.

Cole: Hello.

Troy: Famously known for Cole’s Corner. We got our hands on something new that we want to… It’s not new, but it’s new to us in the water heater world. In addition,  we got a mixing valve or a tank booster. When we’re putting a water heater in this thing would be quick. Also, we charge $325 to put it in. If we’re doing a water heater install, Cole you want to tell them a little bit about the tank booster?

Cole: So what the tank booster does, your factory temp setting on these they’re 120 degrees, which is on the hot knob here, which is so you won’t burn yourself. But the Legionnaires’ disease flourishes in this tank if it’s below 140 degrees. It forms a bacteria. When you shower, you actually inhale that. There’s a lot of cases of it, not huge amounts, but.

Troy: I think a lot of it goes undetected. People get…

Cole: That too.

Troy: It’s like pneumonia. Obviously, older people, if you have any breathing conditions, COPD, et cetera, it’s going to act like a cold. It could turn into something more severe. There in Canada, I don’t know if a lot of people know this but they actually have to keep their water heaters at 140 degrees to kill that strain of bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

Cole: So what’s nice about this tank booster you can actually set this up to 140 plus, and it’s going to mix your hot and cold together to get you back to that other temperature after it leaves the tank. It’ll take the hot and it’ll take the cold, mix it together up the hot side. They make other forms of mixing valves we used to use. There’s just a lot of fittings involved with it.

This one just threads onto the top of your tank. And then we can bring our cold down. We can come off with our hot-up here, which makes it a lot easier to install. Also has a gauge on it. It’ll tell you your temperature right here. Besides a setting on your gas control valve, you don’t know exactly what temperature you are and there will be a sticker that goes on your pipe to even give you another accurate reading so you know exactly what temp you have.

Troy: So not only does it help in killing the bacteria, with water heaters getting bigger and taking up more room, this would also give you an opportunity to get a little bit more out of even the current water heater you have now.

Cole: Yes, by far. They say a 40-gallon water heater with this tank booster on it, you get about 48 gallons out of that water heater of a 40-gallon tank.

Troy: So for someone who has a 50-gallon heater and they add that jacuzzi tub, if they threw a tank booster on, cranked it up to 150 maybe even they’d be able to fill that tub?

Cole: They should be able to. Especially [inaudible 00:03:05] ratings are required in certain homes. Sometimes we can’t fit the new heater in there because it’s too wide for the area. So we can find a smaller capacity to fit that area, put the tank booster on, we’re back to where they need to be, which is a nice feature of that also.

Troy: That’s fantastic.

Cole: Yeah. So simple that you wouldn’t even think about putting on that. We can offer you on the day of the install or we can come in afterward if you have an existing tank mounted on there.

Troy: What would the cost be? So where you decided it was going to be $325?

Cole: $325. Yep.

Troy: If we’re doing an install of a tank, what would the cost be just to add this convenience?

Cole: You’re probably $475-ish.

Troy: So if they just wanted to call just to come out here, get a little bit more hot water, take care of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

Cole: Yeah. $475-ish. I mean, keep in mind, some tanks are taller. Some are shorter. Your piping, I might have some clearance issues have to work around, but either way, we can get it done for you. And then you can crank your heater up, get past 140 and you’ll be good to go.

Troy: Yeah. So to break it down, this thing will allow us to take the tank and adjust it and crank it up hotter to the, in this case, it’s not going to focus, but A, B, or C or 140, 160. And coming out of your faucets is just going to be the 120-degree water that you’re used to. So you’re getting more capacity out of the tank that you currently have or with the new install of a tank.

Cole: You got it.

Troy: Well, that’s a wrap I guess. If you’re interested in a tank booster for a hot water heater, I say hot water heater. Kind of funny, but a water heater. Give us a call at (651) 365-1340. Or look us up on the web And who knows it may be Cole that comes out to do your tank booster install.

Cole: It very well could be.

Troy: All right. And click that subscribe button, please. Bye.

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