Professional Peace of Mind!


Professional Peace of Mind!


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At Champion Plumbing, we take the safety of our employees and customers seriously.

At this time, we are still offering service. However, we ask that you let our dispatchers know if someone in the home is currently ill, showing any signs of illness, or has been ill recently.

For the safety of our plumbers, we will not be sending them to your home if any occupant is seriously ill.

Even if nobody in the house is showing symptoms, we still ask that customers stay at least 6 feet away from our plumbers at all times and have no physical contact (ex. hand shaking) for their safety and yours.

Please cover your cough and wash hands thoroughly as a general precaution.

We have asked our employees to stay home if they are showing signs of illness and sending them home immediately if they are showing any symptoms.

We will continue to monitor the situation so that we can make the best choices for our staff and customers.

We thank you for your business and your patience.

Twin Cities Water Heater Experts

Our technicians are highly qualified and skilled experts in Eagan with an impeccable reputation for their quality work and customer service. You can rely on us to get quick, hassle-free and dependable work done at fair prices. Our Eagan plumbers are a team of ten talented people who get the job done professionally and at an affordable rate. We guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction for all our clients! You can trust our team of professionals to get the job done right!


or CALL NOW 651-362-2622

We Replace Over 3,000+ Water Heaters Per Year!

To get your water heater replaced today, just call us before Noon and setup an appointment. We guarantee the same day installation to get you back up and running as fast as possible, with same day water heater replacement for the entire Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities metro!

Our expert technicians are on the road right now, in our mobile service trucks, on call and ready to serve you to fix any issue you have, such as;

Major & Minor Leaks

When water is coming from someplace it is not supposed to, simply call us – the best plumbers Eagan has to offer! From faucets, and toilets, to pipes under the sink, water heaters, sump pumps, water softeners, and more…you name it. If it’s got a leak, you can bet one of our techs can fix it for you!

Shower Valves & Trim Kits

One way you can upgrade your bathroom without spending much is installing shower valves and trim kits. In addition to repairing the valves or trim, we can also help you to improve the look with a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

This is important water filtration for all homeowners using either city or well water. Reverse osmosis (or R.O.) systems are absolutely the best option at removing contaminants, particles, sediment, and chemicals from your tap water.  Better drinking, better cooking, and better cleaning!

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Repair

A pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) is a backflow prevention mechanism that is used to keep non-potable water from entering your water supply. In Minnesota, these are utilized frequently for irrigation systems and should undergo an analysis every year.

Water Softeners & Water Filtration

When it comes to hard water problems we can help!  In addition to filtration options, adding a water softener or water conditioner can greatly improve the water quality in your home. Whether you want to replace an old water softener or get a new one installed, we have experts to get the job done.

Water Heaters

We are the metro area experts in replacing water heaters. With our expert team and experienced techs, we install thousands of water heaters throughout the Twin Cities every year. Emergency and same day water heater replacement and repair is available!

Safety Service Check

If you are a homeowner and never had a plumber check your plumbing system, you should take the opportunity and have one  of our trained plumbing technicians stop by for an inspection. Water, gas, and electrical components required maintenance and care to function properly – and to avoid failure.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters provide a very convenient, compact, and economical solution to provide on-demand hot water to any fixture in your home.  Gas and electric models are available and our team can help you navigate the options and choose the best tankless water heater for your needs.

Garbage Disposal

Our plumbing services also offer garbage disposal repair and installation service.  With quick same day or next day installation, we will have you back up and running in no time. It’s easy to take your garbage disposal for granted…until it fails!  We’re here to help.

Sump Pumps

Our experts are very knowledgeable about sump pumps and understand how important it is for daily use. Many homes have basements that can be below the water table, or that are prone to drainage issues.  A functional sump pump not only ensures proper mitigation – but keeps your basement from flooding!

Sinks & Faucets

Among our other services at Eagan plumbing, we also take care of all sorts of sink and faucet replacements – whether you have an existing sink one or would want a new one installed from us. Sinks and faucets get used every day, and can develop leaks and failures over time, which we can surely help with.


Toilets…the plumbing fixture we do not think about much, until it stops functioning. At Champion Plumbing we can unclog, repair, or replace your toilet for any issue you may be having.  Trust our team to take care of your issues, so when you gotta go…you can go!

…and more. Call us today!

Champion Plumbing is the best neighborhood plumber for all those plumbing related services you need.  Our trained experts are quick, friendly and have the necessary equipment ready for the job.  Call us today!

Join Our MVP Club and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits!

We have launched the MVP Club, and if you are a member then your planned service will get first priority. No, we do not differentiate between our customers; this is done to schedule the appointments in an accurate manner. As a club member you get the opportunity to take benefit of any unpublicized offers we present. Also, you receive a twenty percent discount on any repair service that we offer. We also double our regular warranty of a year to two years on most repairs. No one else in the market will give this discount on their service or the satisfaction as well. Furnish and install only.

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Our hours of operation are very flexible. We work Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Saturday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM. In spite of our timings, we have 24 hour emergency service.  If you want to meet us in our office then come down straight to 3670 Dodd Road Eagan, MN 55123 during the time mentioned. You can also call us in the number 651-362-2622 or drop in a mail at [email protected]


About Champion Plumbing

Founded in 2001, Champion Plumbing proudly serves residential customers with a dedication to excellent customer service, high quality of work, and competitive pricing. Our objective is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers so that they feel confident in our ability to meet all their plumbing needs. We are committed to providing our customers with all possible options, addressing all their concerns, and providing information necessary to make the best decisions.

We strive to be the very best plumber Eagan residents can choose, and our services extend through the entire Twin Cities, serving Minneapolis, St Paul, Richfield, and the greater metro area.  We do it all – water heaters, water conditioning, RPZ testing, urgent leaks, faucets, sump pumps, water softeners, and all things plumbing related. With Champion Plumbing, you are covered!