All Good Things Come From Draining Your Water Heaters

Water heater sediment from an older unit. This is actually fairly common when water heaters are not drained annually. If you’d like yours flushed, we have videos, or we can come out and do it for you!.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • How Much Sediment Get Stuck If You Don’t Drain Water Heaters.
  • Why You Need To Drain Your Water Heaters Annually.
  • How To Make Your Water Heater Work Efficiently.

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Troy: Hey there, Troy, Champion Plumbing, out of Eagan, Minnesota. We were out doing another water heater. I just wanted to show, I mean, this is a good old Bradford White, it lasted a long time, did its job, but they fail.

So I want to show you at the bottom. If you guys aren’t draining your water heaters, I want to show you what the water at the very bottom of your water heater looks like.

Now, we are in Brooklyn Park, but that’s what’s at the bottom of your water heater, is why I say make sure you drain your water heaters annually, get rid of all that junk, so you have nice clean water.

And your water heater will be more efficient. It’ll just be happier. If you drain it, it’ll work like it’s supposed to, last longer. All good things come from draining your water heater.

Now, some people say, “Well, yeah,” but I think the one comment was, “you have to have a plumber on speed dial because the seals aren’t going to seal up.” Well, if you’re doing it annually, they will. I mean, that’s just that. So nice, nasty, really, water, just chilling at the bottom of the water heater.

Think about that when you’re taking a shower. Drain those water heaters. Thanks, guys. Click that subscribe button.

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