Shutting Off Your Main Water And Gas Valve Is Very Important

Do you know where your main water shut-off valve is located? It’s very important that homeowners are able to locate and know how to operate these valves. Shutting off this valve can prevent unnecessary flooding if, and when leaks occur.

If you need your main shut-off valve replaced, or if you cannot locate it, please give us a call!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • Where To Find Your Main Water Valve.
  • How To Shut Off Your Main Water Valve.
  • Why Shutting Off Your Main Gas or Water Valve Is Important.

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Troy: Hey, you all, Troy, Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today, I’m in Eagan up at our shop. I want to show you where to find your main water valve. It’s important in case of emergency if you have water spraying or leaking to be able to shut the whole house off and curve the bleeding if you will, and slow things down. What you’re looking for is go to your utility room. Generally, it’s going to be in the utility room where you got a laundry tub, water heater, water softener. Coming up from the floor, in Minnesota anyway, you’ll find a three-quarter inch or a one-inch copper line. You’ll see a valve, and hopefully, it looks like this one, a ball valve. Then you have your meter. Some of the older meters still have the spinner on it. Then above that, some people will see that. That’s a pressure-reducing valve. Then you have another ball valve, hopefully. Ball valves are better. They’re more reliable. It’s a quarter-turn valve. When it’s in this position, it’s off. When it’s running with the pipe, it’s on. All you’d have to do to shut your main water off, slowly turn that to the horizontal position and you’re good. Some of the older homes are still going to have a gate valve, which I don’t think we have. This is the closest thing to a gate that we have. Good, it is off. Okay. It would be in the on position, which would be counterclockwise, and you want to turn it clockwise until it stops. That would turn it off. A lot of houses still have gate valves below and above their meter, but try what we call the house side valve first. If that works, great. If it doesn’t, go down and try the city side valve is what we call it. It’s still the homeowner’s responsibility, but we call it a city-side valve. Main water valves, knowing how to shut off your water. It’s important. If you’re a homeowner, you should know-how. If you are in need of some new main valves or would like a consultation just so we can show you how to shut off the water and the gas to your home, give us a call, (651) 365-1340. Look us up on the web, Please click that subscribe button.

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