Things To Remember Before Doing A Gas Water Heater Installation

Water heater installed in Eagan! In this video, Troy shows us what issues need to be addressed before we can even start the installation.
It’s common for most people to think a heater can be quickly swapped, but plumbing codes do change each year.
In the video, you can see multiple items that need addressing, which we do with each customer prior to starting installation.
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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • Things To Avoid When Installing Water Heaters.
  • How To Install A Gas Water Heater.
  • How To Properly Install A Gas Water Heater.

Listen To The Audio

Enjoy this transcript below!

Troy: Troy: Hey, all. Troy at Champion Plumbing out of Eagan. And we are actually plumbers near me in Eagan right now, taking a look at a water heater. This is a gas water heater that has single wall venting, the furnace has single wall venting and we have a problem because in this tiny little utility room … Say hi, Jayden.

Jayden: Hey.

Troy: In this tiny little utility room, the venting just kind of disappears behind the sheetrock wall. I’m going to see if this will work to get you a picture. Can’t really see very well, but there is a single wall liner in there or a single wall T, I mean that’s about three feet back. So a single wall venting, we need to have six-inch clearance to combustibles. B-venting, we need what, Jayden?

Jayden: One inch.

Troy: One inch clearance to combustibles. This does have, it looks like B-vent coming out the roof, but nowhere down here, can we see it, and it’s buried like I said, three feet deep. So we’re going to have to get creative and figure out how to get this customer hot water. It looks like their current one is shut off. But we cannot tie a gravity fed water heater into that. So we’ll come up with some options for her, and just more things for you to look out for. On a side note, if your water valves look like that, where they’re beat up, there’s no handle left, you might want to call a plumber and get that fixed, if you’re not capable. Because when these things start to leak, you need to be able to shut off the water. You just do. Right now, they have all soft water shut off to the house, so it’s not leaking anymore at least, but that’s going to be a problem. So if you have a problem like this, give us a call, 651-365-1340. Look us up on the web, And please click that subscribe button.

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