If you need some help with your water heater gas valve.
This is an old water heater and it leaking so we have to change it with new valves to keep it running.
If you have any problem with your water heater, please call us at 651-362-2622 or you can visit our website at www.championplumbing.net.

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  • You, Will, Know When To Change Gas Valve.
  • Learn How To Know If Your Water Heater Valve Is Leaking.
  • How To Diagnose If Your Water Heater Is Running Well.

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Troy: Hello, Troy, Champion Plumbing, taking care of another water heater. This one was just starting to leak. I’m sorry, the pumps running in the background, but I wanted to get this one on here because we got another one of the old gas valves with the packing on in the back. We have to get rid of that. The new tank is going to be quite a bit bigger around, so we’re going to relocate it a little and put a new gas line on there also, as well as a new water valve. That valve is sticking.
So leaky water heater. We’ll get her all taken care of here in an hour, maybe two, and show you what we did.

All right. It’s a little bit quieter. We got the new gas valve on it way up here. New water valve on it right there. Yeah, that’s all we did. Oh, and a gas line. Snaking down and we’ll have to strap it to the water heater right there.

So if you have a water heater project, leaking or just getting old, give us a call, (651)362-2622. Or look us up on the web, www.championplumbing.net. Thank you.

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