On this video, we will talk about roof caps! Something plumbers should not be talking about, but we have to! Give us a call at (651) 362-2622, or look us up on the web www.ChampionPlumbing.net.

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  • What ARE Roof Caps?
  • Reasons your vent is stuck
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Troy: All right, Troy again, with Champion Plumbing. Talking about roof caps, not something you think plumbers should be talking about, but we have to. Where your furnace and your water heater vent commonly is out through the roof.

If you see something like this on your roof, it’s probably where your water heater and/or furnace exhaust. So the roof cap that you’re looking at there, we call it the old China cap. It’s not acceptable anymore. Rain, birds, bees, whatever stuff can go down it. We’ve actually had a duck one time, when we pulled the top of the water heater off, we found a duck. Squirrels are very common. Sorry, I’m up on a roof. So it’s a little jittery.

Nobody wants to see that. And for other reasons, the main reason would be for if something gets stuck in your venting, your appliances aren’t going to be able to exhaust like they’re supposed to. They could cause carbon monoxide and back drafting and just no good stuff. So we’re going to put this one on there.

You can see that it’s a lot less likely to have anything get down inside of it. So that’s roof cap 101.

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