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Troy: All right. Troy with Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. I’m here with Kenny who’s going to be camera shy. But anyway, we got a water heater. It’s leaking, leaking out of the top on both sides. Let me just verify that it’s not a fitting real quick. It was manufactured in 2003 so it’s pretty old.

This one we’re going to change the gate valve into a ball valve. We’re going to bring this venting to four inch, it’s three inch. But other than that, everything else, no, not everything else. It’s actually sitting on top of the floor drain as well, so we are going to have to relocate it. The new ones don’t have legs like this one does, so we’re going to relocate it just over here a little bit. Should be a just a couple hour job. We’ll chime in in just a minute.

All done. Everything went fairly well. You can see we moved it away from the drain. We had to do some water piping. Put a new ball valve on there, new four inch venting. Other than that, we are all good. If you have a project like this, look us up on the web www.championplumbing.net or give us a call at six one, that’s not our number, (651) 362-2622. Thanks.

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