Installing A Bradford White 50 Gallon Water Heater

Today we’re doing a Bradford White 50 gallon water heater installation in Prior Lake. This customer went with an American Made water heater, which is a great choice. These heaters are built to last, and we at Champion Plumbing stand behind them! Get yours today!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • What Is Bradford White Water Heater?
  • Bradford White Water Heater Installation Explained.
  • What Other Things You Need When Doing A Bradford White Water Heater Installation.

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Lee: Good morning, everybody. Lee from Champion Plumbing, out of Eagan, Minnesota. We’re here doing another water heater replacement. We’re taking out a Bradford White, and we’re going to replace it with a brand new one. Kind of hard to get a little bit of video, but pretty straightforward.

The water piping should be pretty easy, we don’t even need to change the water valve.

And the venting is pretty easy too, no need to change the venting. As you can see, it’s already got a B vent, which is this double-wall venting, in the areas that it is needed. I will get back to you guys once I’m all done.

Hey, you guys. We’re back here in Prior Lake, finished up with the water heater. As you can see, we got a bunch of brand new water piping, including a brand new water valve. Easily set up, it’s with an American-made Bradford White 50-gallon water heater.

The gas valve was pretty easy as well, and the venting was nice and easy as well.

If you like what we did here, get in touch with us at 651-365-1340. Look forward to hearing back from you.

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