Installing Cellular PVC To Your Power Vent Water Heater & Water Softener

We are seeing a lot of power vent water heaters with bad venting… on this water heater replacement we also had to replace the cell core PVC venting with solid core PVC venting. We also replaced the customers water softener with a multi max water softener. It has a carbon filter in it as well as softening the water. If you need a water heater, or water softener please give Champion Plumbing a call 651-365-1340 or look us up

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • How Power Vent Water Heater & Softener Works.
  • Learn How  To Properly Install New PVC Venting.
  • How To Check If The Cellular Pipe Is Good To Use.

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Troy: Hey there. Troy Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today, we’re in Rosemount. We’ve got another leaking water heater. This one is a Bradford White gas, power vent, water heater. Also, notice that the homeowner didn’t have their water softener plugged in. So we’re going to be taking care of that as well. This one had the cellular core venting. So when you hear us talking about that, this is what we’re looking for.

There is an ASTM number on them, and if it starts with the letter F, it’s bad. Another way of looking at it is trying to find this that says “cellular core.” In 2016, the manufacturers got together and said, “We can’t use that anymore.” You can see Josh has already got most of it cut out already. We’re going to be replacing it with solid core venting, and we’ll chime back in when we’re getting closer to done.

All righty, Troy Champion Plumbing out of Eagan again. Today we’re in Rosemount installing a new what started with a leaky water heater, and we noticed that the water softener wasn’t working. So we got a new water heater with all new venting, as well as a new MultiMAX water softener. What I really like about the MultiMAX water softener is it’s got a carbon filter in the top half of it. The same thing I have in my house made by BrassMaster.

It’ll get rid of the chlorines, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides. Shoot, like I said before, prescription drugs, all that kind of stuff they’re finding in our water. So if you have water softening, water filtration needs, or need a water heater or got a leaky water heater, give us a call at (651) 365-1340. That’s (651) 365-1340. And please click that subscribe button.

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