This Is How You Replace A Gas Water Heater

In this video, we’ll be replacing the water valve, the spike valve, and the water heater! We don’t just install water heaters, we bring everything up to code, and ensure all valves are functioning as they should be. Some signs to consider with a failing water heater include discolored water, water buildup around the unit, lukewarm water temperature, strange noises, length of time since repair/replacement. If you have any plumbing-related needs or would like a new upgraded water heater like this customer, give us a call!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • How the gas water heater works!
  • Different components of your gas water heater.
  • How to diagnose if your gas water heater is working well!

Listen To The Audio

Enjoy this transcript below!

Troy: All right. Troy, Champion Plumbing, out of Eagan, Minnesota. Now, I should say, we are in Burnsville, putting in another water heater. This one will go through our checks again.

We got a good approved gas valve. This water valve we are going to replace. It’s a gate valve. It’s not a full port valve. Also still has lead in it, so we’re going to get rid of that.

This is a spike valve. It’s not even going anywhere. They took the Aprilaire out. This one we’re going to get rid of as well. We’ll just put a coupling in there.
Let’s see, combustion air is hidden back here, so that’s good. We have a four-inch venting that runs up, and I’m going to go around to the other side into a B-vent liner. We have no clearance issues with the single wall. A B-venting, and it does have a good fire-stop.

Nothing here needs to change. This is a 40-gallon gas atmospheric, which means it uses the air and the heat to get rid of the fumes. I will chime in when we’re done, but this is another pretty straightforward water heater.

Here we go. Again, Troy, Champion Plumbing. Got the water heater in. This is a Ruud water heater. Again, gas, gravity. We got a new ball valve and we got rid of that spike valve. Other than that, everything was good here.

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