Homeowners, Turn Off Your Water When You Leave Town

Frozen pipes inside this customer’s home resulted in lots of damage. This homeowner forgot to turn on the heat, then it started to get really cold outside. This is a great example of why homeowners should turn off their water main if they plan on being gone for a while.

Flo by Moen would have also been a great solution, as it can remotely turn your water main off. We can install one of these also if you’d like!

If you have any plumbing needs or concerns or have burst pipes such as this homeowner, please let us know we can help!

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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • Important Things You Need To Remember When Leaving The House In Winter
  • Why Homeowners Need To Turn Off Main Water Pipe When Leaving Out Of Town.
  • How Much Damage A Frozen Pipes Does.


Enjoy this transcript below!

Troy: Hey, everybody. Troy at Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. We’re actually in Eagan. I’m here with Nick. We came to the house. Nick got the call. Why don’t you tell us a little about it, Nick?

Nick: Pretty much the guy left the town, left the city, and now he’s in Seattle, and he forgot to turn off his main. We just had this Arctic blast. The house is at 46 degrees right now, and it’s 40-something degrees outside right at the moment.

But when it was cold, everything in this place decided to freeze, and it ran. And luckily the realtor came, but you see it, this water softener, the head completely blew.

Troy: Snapped right off. That’s one of many. So Nick so far has gotten the … The main was off. He’s gotten the first fix right there at the meter, turned it on, came up a little bit, turned the water on. Bam. Got a wet head. Water all over here. Just in this room, there’s another huge blow here.

You can see the copper pipe just shattered. The wash machine, it … oop, come on, focus for me, camera.

It pushed the fitting, the solder fitting, right out of it. There is going to be a ton, unfortunately, of damage in this house. This is just the utility room that we’re in now. So yikes.

There is a device that would have prevented all this damage called the Flo by Moen. I have one in my house. We have videos linked up to it. It hooks up to your wifi and automatically shuts the water off in a situation like this. So preventable.

We will obviously inform the homeowner of it, so maybe in the future, he’ll get one. Again, Flo by Moen would have prevented this. This is all water. I don’t know if you can see very well, but everything is soaked.

So if you have water spraying, everywhere in this case, give us a call, 651-365-1340, or look us up on the web, www.championplumbing.net. And this is an intro to Nick with Champion Plumbing.

He’s going to be starting a series, Oh Bleep With Nick. So watch for that. That’ll be coming soon. Anything you want to add, Nick?

Nick: When you leave town, turn off your water.

Troy: Turn off your water when you leave town. Good advice. Thanks for watching. Please click that subscribe button.


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