Need Help With Your Four Plex Water Heater?

Four-plex water heater installations in Minneapolis. This customer needed all four-plex water heaters replaced, and it looks great! We don’t run into these often, but they are actually a lot of fun!
Some signs to consider with a failing water heater include discolored water, water buildup around the unit, lukewarm water temperature, strange noises, and length of time since repair/replacement.

If you have a water heater that needs replacement, or any plumbing needs for that matter, please give us a call!

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  • We Also Do Four-Plex Water Heater Installation.
  • See How We Replace A Four-Plex Water Heater.
  • We Are in Minneapolis, MN To Replace A Broken Water Heater.


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Tanner: Hello, everybody. Tanner at Champion Plumbing out of Eagan Minnesota.

Today we’re at a four-plex. We have four water heaters, and four boilers in this unit. We replaced these two, the other ones over there were replaced a while ago.

Luckily these were all up to code. Didn’t have to change really much, just slide some water valves on there.

If you have any plumbing needs, or water heaters need to be replaced, give us a call (651) 365-1340. Thank you.


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