Things To Remember In Replacing Water Main Valves

Water main replacement in Eagan! Customer has a gate valve water main shut off that was not working like it should, so they called us! In this video, we show where the city’s water comes in, hits the water meter, and enters the home. Also explain why it’s important to have two gate shut off valves, and which one you should use! If you have a water main that’s leaking it your home, don’t wait to get it replaced. The time to fix it is when you notice the leak. Please contact us, and we can get you set up for a repair.

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  • Things To Do To Replace Your Water Main Valves.
  • Complete Guide On How To Replace Water Main Valves.
  • Important Things To Remember In Replacing The Water Main Valves.

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Troy: Hey, everybody. Troy, Champion Plumbing, out of Eagan. Today, we’re actually in Eagan with a water main replacement. Emergency shut-off valves are important. When you need to shut the water off, you need it to stop. This one has a seal gate valve on it, you can see backwards here, but that handle would turn and turn and turn. And a lot of times, it doesn’t stop the water. So we’re going to be replacing it with two ball valves.

This would be … sorry, Lee’s working right over my shoulder, trying to get ‘er done. But this is the “house side,” as we call it. And this, down below the meter, is the “city side,” is what we call it. It’s still the homeowner’s responsibility. In this case, we’re getting them both done at once, replacing them with good working ball valves. I’ll chime in – in just a second.

All right, here we are. Two main valves in Eagan. This again is what we call the house side. Here’s the water meter. And then, here’s the other water valve that we would refer to as the “city side” because you need the city to come out and turn off the water at the street. You can see it’s coming up from the concrete. Then, we got the city side valve, the meter, and the house side valve.

We always recommend you use the house side valve at your house if you can, just gives you a second step if needed, if something should go wrong and that main valve fails. So if you have some main valves that are looking a little old … or I think we talked about this earlier: ABS, the black drain pipe, leaking, or any plumbing needs.

Obviously, water heaters is what we’re best known for, but we do it all. Champion Plumbing out of Eagan: 651-365-1340. Again, Champion Plumbing, 651-365-1340. Thanks.

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