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Water Heater Repair

Same Day Water Heater Repair or Replacement

Contact us before noon, and we can do same-day water heater repair or replacement. Whether you need to replace your broken water heater or increase your energy efficiency, Champion Plumbing is your Twin Cities’ Water Water Heater Expert. We have over 20 years of experience and install thousands of water heaters yearly.

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Signs of Water Heater Failure

Some signs to consider with a failing water heater include:

  • Discolored water
  • Water buildup around the unit
  • Lukewarm water temperature
  • Strange noises
  • Length of time since repair/replacement

Looking to troubleshoot your water heater?

Read about the basics of Troubleshooting your Water Heater and Warranty Information

Water leaking from valve on the side2023-12-01T07:47:38-06:00

The valve on your water heater’s side is called the Temperature and Pressure Relief (T&P) valve. This valve is a safety feature that prevents your water heater from overheating or over-pressurizing. If you notice water leaking from this valve, it could indicate the valve is failing, or your home may have very high water pressure. Call Champion Plumbing for service when this valve is leaking.

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Water leaking from the fittings above my water heater2023-12-01T07:45:59-06:00

Is water leaking from the fittings above your water heater? If so, call Champion PLumbing for immediate repairs. At Champion Plumbing, we provide a one-year guarantee on all of our work. If we installed the fittings and they are leaking within a year of the installation, we will repair them free of charge. However, if the installation was done by others or it has been over a year, we offer same-day service to come make repairs for you.

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My water heater is leaking from the base2023-11-30T15:39:04-06:00

If you notice water leaking from the base of your water heater, it is an indication that it needs to be replaced. To determine if your water heater is still under warranty, refer to the warranty lookup guide provided above. If it is no longer under warranty, please contact us today to get a quote and schedule a replacement.

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I don’t have hot water2023-12-01T08:26:55-06:00

Not getting hot water from your faucet, here are some things you can check.

If you have a gas water heater, is the burner assembly at the base lit? If the burner is lit, you likely need to adjust the thermostat temperature or replace it. Adjusting the temperature is easy: Turn the dial to the desired temperature. When adjusting the temperature does not help, call Champion Plumbing for service or look up your water heater’s warranty. See the guide above to look up your water heater’s warranty.

If the burner assembly is not lit. Attempt to follow the directions on your water heater to light the pilot.

If you have an electric water heater, ensure the circuit breaker works appropriately. If the breaker is working, you may need to schedule a visit from a plumber. Please note that electric water heaters may require the use of electricians. Plumbers cannot troubleshoot electrical faults, like a defective breaker or wiring, but can test and troubleshoot heating elements.

When in doubt, we are here to help. In many cases, contacting the water heater’s manufacturer will help you determine whether your product is under warranty. See the above guide on warranty lookup.

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Same-Day Replacement | Expert Water Heater Services

We are a professional water heater service provider in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our team of expert technicians offers emergency and same-day water heater replacement services for the entire Twin Cities metro area. We carry all the top brands and are dedicated to fast repairs, friendly customer service, and expert workmanship.

For most residential water heaters, we offer same-day replacement. However, heaters larger than 55 gallons require two technicians, and scheduling same-day replacement is subject to current workload. So, if you need same-day service, please call us as soon as possible before noon.

We will install your new heater, remove the old unit, and clean up our mess before we leave. Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction, and we guarantee our work.

If you need water heater services, please call (651) 365-1340 to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals. We promise to get the job done right!

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Very responsive, excellent work. Great follow up.++++++++++

How To Identify The Type Of Water Heater You Have

To give you the fastest service possible, we’ll need to know a few things about your water heater and your home. The first step is to identify what type of heater you have now. There are photos and explanations below to help you out!

water heater sticker with model and serial number

How To Find Your Model Number

Look for the sticker that looks like this on your water heater. Here you will find the model number. Write this down, or take a photo of the sticker for reference.

Electric Water Heaters

If you have an electric water heater, you will find a metal conduit with wires inside of it that attach to the top or to the side of your heater.

Power Vent Water Heater

Power Vent Water Heaters

If you have a power vent heater, you’ll find a motor on top that plugs in. It will have a white PVC or black ABS plastic pipe that extends to the outside of your home.

Gravity Vent Water Heaters

Metal venting on top means it is a gravity vent, or atmospheric water heater. These can lead to a brick chimney (as pictured) or B-vent liner through your rooftop.

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Are you in need of a new water heater? We offer same-day replacements for your convenience. Replacing your old heater with a newer one can help you save money in the long run, as a more efficient heater is less expensive to operate. 


Do you need to repair your water heater? If you are experiencing problems such as leaks, less hot water, or unusual noises, contact Champion Plumbing. We provide repair services for most water heater brands.

New Installation

Looking to replace your water heater? Save money with an energy-efficient model. We install them daily and offer various options.