Why Having A Recirculating Pump Is Essential

Adding a recirculating pump to your water heater can prevent wasted water! Imagine turning on the hot water, and getting almost instant access to hot water, rather than wasting all that water down the drain until it gets to your desired temperature. Recirculating pumps have many benefits. This device can be programmed to operate at specific times of the day, as many times as you’d like. Recirculating pumps simply attach to your water heater through the hot supply line. From the furthest fixture in your home, the water is being constantly recirculated, keeping the temperature consistent. If you’d like one of these in your home, we can supply and install it for you! Or if you have any questions, please reach out to us!

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  • How To Properly Install A Water Heater Recirculating Pump.
  • Why Having A Water Heater Recirculating Pump Is Important.
  • What A Water Heater Recirculating Pump Does.

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Troy: Hey everybody, Troy, Champion Plumbing, here with Cole. Today we’re going to talk about a recirculating pump, they’ve come a long way. It used to have a line running all the way from your water heater through your entire house, you don’t have to do that anymore, and they can save you a ton of water, which is important.

Cole: So this is water circulating pump from one of our suppliers, they do make different brands out there. Basically, a lot of people have hot water at their home and they’re running their master bathroom faucet or shower and they’re not getting hot enough water, so what do you do? You turn the water on, you let it run. Where’s all that water going? Down the drain, and you’re paying for all that, and you’re wasting water.

One option we can do is if you have a tank-type heater at your home, we have this pump right here and we have these supply lines with a bypass. Basically what happens is the pump goes on top of your water heater, on the hot side, this bypass gets hooked to your furthest bathroom faucet, usually in the masters where people are having a hard time getting hot water effectively there.

You’ll hook these into your shutoffs hot and cold, back to your faucet, and that pump is going to pump that hot water continuously all day if you want, or this model does have a timer on it where you can set the timer for in the morning when you’re in the bathroom and at night, and then it won’t run all day.

Troy: So you could set it to say 6:30 to 8:30 30 in the morning and 4:30 to 5:30 at night?

Cole: Yes.

Troy: That’s pretty awesome. Where’s that go? You said on top of the water here, do you want to show them?

Cole: Yes, we will show you where that goes.

Tank type water heater, this is a power vent, you can have a gravity vent, you can have electric, it doesn’t really matter. Hot side, colds coming into the tank, hot is coming out right here. This mounts right on top of the water heater and we make the connection back to the hotline.

And the main thing is you need an outlet, I think they come with about eight-foot cord on there. Plug that in and then we’ll go take that bypass that we talked about, hook it up underneath that is the furthest, whatever you want water quicker too. Then you go ahead and you can turn your timer on, or you can have it just on all the time. Or if the timer’s on you can pull these notches out and you can set your time on it. And that’s all there is to these.

Troy: So it’s going to save time, it’s going to save water, which is money, and time is money as well right, so it’s going to save you?

Cole: Correct.

Troy: And get you the hot water you want right away.

Cole: And you’ll get ready in the morning quicker too because you’ll have hot water right away.

Troy: Now this is for the tank-style heater, but we have something very similar for our heater of choice.

Cole: So Navien tankless is what we install, these do have their own buffer tank built into them, so if you wanted quicker water where you’re having that spell-like that pump we talked about, with the buffer tank there’s a switch, we can turn it internal pump on that recirculates, we don’t have to have our own individual recirculation line.

We can go ahead and hit that switch, and it has the same setup underneath the faucet where you hook the bypass into the hot and cold and it will allow the same effect. This pump will come on. On the tankless it gets to a certain temperature, we have it set at 120, when it gets below that the pump is going to kick on automatically and run its cycle, and then it’s going to shut off. So it doesn’t continuously run, it’s just when the temperature changes on it.

Troy: Again, keeping hot water right at the faucet all the time for you?

Cole: Yes, absolutely.

Troy: Where do they go to learn more?

Cole: Well if you want to learn more go to www.championplumbing.net. You can look us up on YouTube, and that’s about it.

Troy: Click that subscribe button.

Cole: Yes, click it.

Troy: And remember cheap labor.

Cole: Oh, I don’t know.

Troy: How does that go?

Cole: Skill labor isn’t cheap.

Troy: And cheap labor isn’t skill.

Cole: Yep, what he said.

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