Tankless Water Heater and Power Vent Water Heaters

In this video, Cole goes over key points between the tank and tankless water heaters. At Champion Plumbing, we install both tank and tankless. We specialize in Bradford white tanks and Navien tankless heaters. Many customers are interested in upgrading from their tank heater and switch to a tankless heater. There are many pros to going to a tankless heater, they preserve space, provide instant on-demand constant water, and last just as long if not longer than a tank heater. If you have any questions regarding your current water heater or have questions on how to convert from a tank to tankless, please comment below and ask your questions! We are happy to help and ready to serve the metro area.

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Speaker 1: All right. We’re here with the famous Cole from Cole’s Corner. So we’re going to ask him what he thinks about a power vent, as opposed to a tankless water heater. What say you, Cole?

Cole: Yep. Well, I mean the main thing, we do a lot of change-outs of water heaters and they leak all over your floor. Why? Full of water. And once it leaks, it’s all over your floor. Tankless, you don’t have that issue. It’s most likely going to stop, shoot an air code, and nothing’s going to leak out of them.

Speaker 1: That’s a good point. All the other rants I just went on, I never talked about, you’ve got 50 gallons or 40 gallons of water in the tank to leak all over the floor. With the tankless, that ain’t going to happen.

Cole: No, not at all. Even if you shut the valve off for the cold, if you keep using water in the home, it’s going to come down the hot side and keep trickling into it. So you still have an issue until someone gets out there. The main thing is how much smaller it is. Efficiency, efficiency. Everyone wants that.

Speaker 1: And I said earlier, I said 0.92. It’s not, it’s 0.96 efficient with the new listings.

Cole: Yeah. And a lot of people, read up on these and they think something about the cold sandwich effect. You get cold water then hot water. You really don’t with this unit. Some units you can, but these ones you can’t. Also, these have a built-in circulation pump.

Speaker 1: Yep. We talked a little bit about the circ pump being able to bring it to one.

Cole: And then the Navi bypass.

Speaker 1: You can talk about that.

Cole: So this comes with a kit too. If you put it in your home, master bathrooms far, far away, and you’re taking two minutes to run water, to get hot water up there. There’s a bypass that you can clip in underneath your lab faucet in the master. And then we flip a couple of the dip switches with this pump. And that will rev up, then that will circulate water over to there. So, you have hot water on demand at that furthest fixture.

Speaker 1: And those are some more… They’re like an add-on. And that’s not going to come with your basic, we’re going to put one of these in for you. But it’s available for the customer to have as an add-on just to make it more convenient. Do they have the opportunity to set a timer on that? Or how does that one work?

Cole: That one’s just an auto pump on here all the time.

Speaker 1: So, it would keep the water hot at the faucet all the time.

Cole: Yeah. It will push hot water up. And we’re not losing any of the cold and wasting it. It’s pumping it back down to the unit to heat back up to come back again.

Speaker 1: That’s fantastic.

Cole: heat your water. So, you still get your efficiency out of it. That’s the nice thing about it.

Speaker 1: Man, these things are amazing. They are amazing. Anything else you want to add about tankless versus power vent?

Cole: Well, nowadays everyone’s building homes, and they want square footage. So, utility rooms are getting smaller and smaller. Well, energy guide our water heaters, we have to make them more insulation. They’re getting wider. Or we have to go with a shorter model of that or even wider yet. And you’re running out of room.

Tankless don’t take up room at all. You hang them on the wall. They’re not on your floor. You still got space underneath. That’s the other benefit of them too. It’s like they’re not even in your home. You don’t see them, but you get hot water instantly.

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