In this video, you will be able to see how we fixed and replace a damaged water softener.
We are showing in this video how we replace a cracked water softener.
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Cole: Hi, Cole with Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. We are in Burnsville, Minnesota today and we are going to replace a water softener. The one right here is a box store brand. Basically the tank cracked and all the resin is all over in here, so we’re going to update it with the brass master that we sell from our supplier. We’ll just hook the water in and the water out, we’ll set it right next to the water heater, discharge it into the laundry tub here and it looks like we were already here a while ago and did a water heater.

All right, so we just got the new softener hooked up. We’re doing the initial startup right now, setting the timer, the hardness, regeneration time or even add a few bags of salt. So once I’m done here, customers won’t have to do anything with this unit, it’ll just everything on its own. About once a week it’ll regenerate I have that set for two in the morning. Just open the lid here and check the salt very frequently and make sure you have enough in there otherwise you’re going to get hard water when you’re showering. If you need anything like this done, a water softener, water heater, back in the corner we got ourselves a sump pump, you guys can just give us a call and we can come out and take care of that for you. Our number is (651) 362-2622. Up on the web, www.championplumbing.net. Subscribe to YouTube, got some videos on there. Other than that, thanks for watching.


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