Follow these easy step by step procedure and learn how to light your pilot! If it doesn’t relight, that means you’ve got a bigger problem and we would obviously advise you to contact us at or just give us a call at (651) 362-2622.

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Troy: Hello again, Troy and Dom with Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today we’re going to show you how to relight your pilot light so that it will hopefully save you a service call from a plumber, save you some money ultimately.

All the water heater manufacturers, they all have different looking control valves, but they all will pretty much light the same way. You go through the same sequence of steps to get it lit. So, go ahead and explain it.

Dom: So the first thing you’re going to want to do is remove this panel down here, this will just pop out. You see that little window there? That’s where the flame will be. If you don’t have it lit, it’ll be dark.

First thing you want to do is turn this dial to Pilot. There are several other settings, but this is the only setting where you will be able to push it down. So you push this button down, push this little button here, that’s the sparker, so that’ll spark it. Press it a couple times, look, see if there’s a flame. If there is, hold this button down another 10 to 15 seconds, wait.

And then if you look down, still see a flame after that, let it go. Your pilot is lit, awesome. Then you’re going to turn this to Hot, right here. Hot is about 120 degrees. We don’t recommend that you turn it any higher than that. And that is how to light your pilot.

Troy: There you go. And there’s also instructions on most water heaters that take you step-by-step through it as well. So, you should be able to get a relit. If it doesn’t relight, that means you’ve got a bigger problem and we would obviously advise you to call us, Champion Plumbing, at 651.362.2622, and you can find us on the web at

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