Installingn a Gas Line for Garage Heater The Right Way

This customer wanted his new garage heater to have a gas line routed. In this video, we show you how that was completed, including testing the line with air to ensure there are no leaks. It’s that time of year again, many people want to bring heat into their garage. We can make the impossible, possible. Give us a call if you’d like this done for your home or any plumbing need!

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  • Important Things You Need To Remember When Installing Garage Heater Gas Line.
  • How To Properly Install Garage Heater Gas Line.
  • Things You Need In Installing Gas Line.

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Troy: Hey there. Troy Champion Plumbing out of Egan, Minnesota. Today, we are in Minneapolis. I’m in the garage. We are putting in a gas line so the homeowner can add some sort of heat out here when he gets the remodel done.
We’ve got the gauge on it. It’s pumped up to just over 50 PSI. We’re going to let that sit for 15 minutes, make sure it’s good. We did use Pro Press on this one.

They are approved fittings and, as you could see, we have 50 PSI on it. So it’s holding pretty darn good. We’ve got the gas line labeled all the way up and it’s quite a walk here from the front to the back, but it’ll be nice to have a heated garage. So the line is labeled and sleeved wherever it’s coming through any sort of landscaping or whatnot.

All right, it’s been 15 minutes. So we are going to, not show any addresses, but show you the gas gauge now or the air pressure gauge. The homeowner’s already got some of this filled in. Starting to anyway, making sure there’s no rocks on there, tamping it down a little bit, being careful with it.

Actually, I’m going to show this cause this is clever. Built a little box with a screen in it to get just the fine dirt down to the bottom. There’s our Pro Press. So gas lines, Minneapolis, water heaters, hot water heaters, plumbing, leaks. We do it all and took a chance that it would be right where it was, but not really a chance because there’s nothing to this.

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