What Is An Anode Rod, And Why Do You Need It Changed?

This customer needed their anode rod replaced. What is an anode rod you ask? Cole explains why you should always have yours changed in order to maintain the life of your water heater. Also, the same customer had a leaking pressure-reducing valve. Many homes have high water pressure, which can lead to long-term damage. The pressure-reducing valve maintains a healthy level of water pressure in your home. Proper pressure can help with water usage, prevent pipe damage, and easier on your appliances. If you have any questions on either of these or would like us out to help with your anode rod or pressure reducing valve, reach out to us!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • How To Maintain The Life Of Your Water Heater.
  • Reason Why You Need Change Your Anode Rod Always.
  • Proper Way Of Replacing An Anode Rod.

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Cole: Hey everyone. Cole with Cole’s Corner, out of Champion Plumbing here in Eagan, Minnesota. We are actually on an install today. Few things we replaced this pressure-reducing valve on the water line coming into the home. The old one was leaking. Basically, what this does, it regulates the pressure down to a factory setting on these is 60 PSI. City water coming in’s a lot higher than that. So we need to reduce the pressure down into the home. So we got that replaced.

Cole: We also installed the boiler drain valve up here to get some hard water to water plants. They have a softener in the home, so everything is softened. So this will be a hard line to do all that. Also, if you could see the water heater tank back there we replaced about six years ago, we’re going to change the anode rod out to that also while we’re on site.

Cole: And as you can see down here is the old one, that little thin wire. And then here’s the new one. This new one’s got a little cable system in it where it’s flexible to pull out. Sometimes your ceilings aren’t high enough to pull out so that you can get a different setup like this one. So that thin rod next to it, that’s your anode rod. All your hard water eats at that before it eats at your tank. So six-year-old tank, it’s gone, nothing left of it. So we’ll put a new one in and let the water attack the new one before it eats away at that tank and we have to replace that.

Cole: So just a few little service parts we’re installing at this customer’s house today. If you’d like any of this done at your own home, give us a call at 651-365-1340. Check us up on the web, championplumbing.net. YouTube, subscribe to our channel. There’s a few of these on there. Other than that, thanks for watching.

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