Water Softeners & Water Filtration

Welcome to Cole’s Corner! In this episode, Cole talks about water softeners & water filtration systems. We have many options in stock and can take a water sample to recommend products for your home! Do you have any plumbing questions for Cole? Leave a comment below or email us at socialmedia@championplumbing.net Visit us online at https://www.championplumbing.net/ Music: bensound.com Intro & outro slate: Archer Film Co. #plumbers #plumbing #plumbinglife #plumbersofyoutube #howto #plumbing101 #eagamn #eagan #plumbingshop #howtoplumbing #championplumbing #plumbingproblems #plumbingissues #plumbingsolutions #plumbingwin #hardwater #waterconditioning #hardwaterfilter #softwater

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  • You Will Know How The Water Softener Works.
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  • What A Designers Faucet Looks Like.

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Cole: Hello everyone, welcome back to Cole’s Corner, episode seven. We’re going to talk a little bit about water filtration, water softeners that we supply. We usually kind of have like a good, better, best setup. This is a Pentair model. This is a BrassMaster model. Each of these, they come with the three-year parts and labor warranty. This one, actually the tank itself is a five-year warranty on the BrassMaster. These are a local product in Ramsey, Minnesota. They’re real nice. They have a digital readout. Put yourself in here. They have a brass head and bypass on them. Easily to remove the head if we ever had to do anything with the head on it. These work really good to put in a tight spot, townhome, or a small area of mechanical room. These two here range between about 12 and 1800 furnish and the install at your home. If you don’t have a softener, we might have to do a little bit of extra water piping to hookup on the backs of them.

These should have pellet salt in them, should be used. These two right here are the BrassMasters also. There are two tanks set up. Basically, you got your resin tank right here, and you got your brine solution here. This is where you feed your salt into these. So they come with two tanks. Typical homes have these. If you have a lot more room, these are what you will have. This is the BrassMaster three-year parts and labor with a five-year warranty on the tank. This is also a five-year warranty too. And then this one, they call MultiMax. This softener has the resin in it to soften the water. And it has about a foot on the top of carbon to filter your water also. So basically you’re filtering your whole water and you’re softening your whole house. And that’s simple plug and play just like all the rest of them.

The one right here is called Flow-Tech. It’s a carbon filter only not a softener. Some towns do have soft water, or if you already have an existing water softener, but you want to filter your water, we can put this next to your water softer just to filter your water. And it acts just like a softener does where they have a regeneration hose going into the floor drain. So does this. This only filters your water. Unlike these ones soften your water, they don’t filter it except the Multimax. And a lot of people, if they have the Flow-Tech right here and they don’t want to soften their water, but they want to condition it even more, what they do is hook up this Flow-Tech here, plug it into the wall. This wire goes to the hot and cold. Usually where a water heater or tankless is, and that just conditions your water along with the Flow-Tech that filters your water.

So these are good features to have too, where they’re maintenance-free, you don’t have to add salt to any of these two products right here. This one three-year parts and labor installed. This one’s roughly 22 to 2,800 to put one of these in your house. And the Flow-Tech anti-scale right here, 12 to 1800, roughly for one of these to get installed. And these two, the Multimaxs are just the regular softener. They’re about the same price, 12 to 2,600 give or take. Like I said, it all depends on your home. What your plumbing looks like. If you’ve already had one of these, or if you don’t. We can put in what’s called a PS-5 Reverse Osmosis System. You’ll see a lot of our kitchen faucets have an extra little faucet on the sink, that’s your drinking water basically. And then that’s going into one of these tanks back here.

And there’s an inline filter. And then there’s the membrane filter back here. Real easy to replace. Every one to two years, you have to replace them. These can get mounted underneath your kitchen sink, or we can put them down in your basement and run a water line all the way up to your kitchen sink to hook up your faucet. Comes with just the chrome here. We can get designer faucets also. A lot of these you’re looking at about eight, 1200 installed. Other features we have are whole house, just canister filters that go into your inline water coming into your house. They just have a filter that you change out. This has carbon filter in it. You can get a sediment one that fits into here. When it gets dirty, obviously replace it. These are going to be changing more frequently than with the Flow-Tech or the Multimax with the carbon in them. These last about seven years in these units.

These ones, it depends on your water, once a month, every few months, if they get too clogged up, you’ll lose pressure in your home. And if you don’t ever replace some, they can grow bacteria in them. And so that’s your water coming in and you don’t want to drink that. So if you have these, you’re going to want to replace them. But these are a little bit cheaper obviously than these setups. You’re looking ballpark three to 650 to get one of these put in your home. So a lot cheaper option for you. We can come out and take a water test, basically get a sample of your water. We’ll set it into water control and they’ll feed us results back to see what’s in your water, what they recommend. So we have multiple options of everything, expensive to least expensive. What fits your needs. If you want any of this installed at your home, just give us a call. 651-362-2622. Check us out on the web championplumbing.net. Other than that, thanks for watching.

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