Check The Newer Technology For The Plumbing World

Welcome back to Cole’s Corner! Did you know that you can shut off your main water from an app on your phone? That you can turn a faucet on and off without touching it? On this episode, Cole shows off some exciting new plumbing technology that we have in stock! If you have any plumbing questions that you would like us to answer in our next video, leave a comment below! Subscribe to our channel for more episodes! Visit us online at : Music: Intro & outro slate by Archer Film Co #plumbinglife #colescorner #plumbing #technology #plumbersofyoutube #howto #plumbing101 #eaganmn #eagan #plumbingshop #howtoplumbing #championplumbing #plumbingproblems #plumbingissues #plumbingsolutions #plumbingwin

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  • What Are These New Technology For The Plumbing World.

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Hello Everyone, Cole’s Corner here. Just got a couple things I want to go over with you guys and a little bit newer technology out there in the plumbing world. One thing right here is the Speakman lavatory faucet, sensor faucet to turn on and off, don’t have to touch it, real nice option. FLO by Moen. This hooks up to your water main coming into your house. There’s the app that goes to your phone, search to recognize your water usage. If it notices some water being more used than normal, it’ll alert you, it’ll detect leaks. It’ll automatically shut off, and you can shut it off with your app on your phone too. Real great project, FLO by Moen. Another option we have for anti-scale of the water in your home is called the Flow-Tech. This again, plug and play maintenance-free.

These are just a few of the options we provide to our customers. We’re trying to keep up with plumbing technologies as fast as it’s coming out. There’s obviously a lot more, but these are the top three that I like to go over and talk about. If you have any questions or want to schedule something, just give us a call, (651) 362-2622. Look us up on the web, Also, you can go to our YouTube page and there’s a few videos that talk about some of this stuff too. Just remember, skilled labor isn’t cheap, cheap labor isn’t skilled. Thanks for watching.

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