Steps On How We Remodel Toilets

Basement Remodel by Billy at Champion Plumbing. This customer reached out to us, as they need some new plumbing fixtures installed in their basement. This required cutting and removing existing concrete….well, I’ll let Billy explain. If you have any plumbing remodeling or any plumbing needs for that matter, please reach out to us!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • How We Do A Perfect Toilet/Bathroom Basement Remodel.
  • How Our Flexible Our Plumbers Are.
  • We Do Toilet/Bathroom Remodelling As Well.

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Enjoy this transcript below!

Billy: Good stuff.

Troy: Hey there, Troy, Champion Plumbing, out of Eagan, plumbers near me. Best known for our water heaters, but we do it all. And Billy’s going to explain what this project is all about.

Billy: This project right now, the customer wanted a bathroom put in, in his downstairs basement. Right now we’re going to his main stack down there. We’re going to bring up a three-inch main. We’re going to take out this two-inch right here. We’re going to switch this over to a three-inch for enough pipe space for the toilet and everything down there.

We’re also going to move this pipe right here, down into the ground, so that way it just gets it off his wall, makes everything a little cleaner, and then we’re going to tie that to the same line. Going to bring it up, up here.

And then we got right now, we’re going to have a lav for the kitchen sink. We’re going to have the toilet right here and we’re going to lay off, we got a shower going right where I’m standing right now. And that’s all going to come up. There’s going to be a two-by-four wall here for the venting and everything.

And then we’re going to have a cleanout on the backside and we’re going to bring this pipe back up right here, so that way everything’s good. Give them all the room he needs for a bathroom.

Troy: I can see how getting that pipe out of the way, there must have been an addition or something that they added at some point.

Billy: Yep. There’s a washing machine and dryer over there. Also, they added a floor sink to their garage.

Troy: At the time this was a pretty clever way of just kind of keeping the plumbing on the outside of the wall. Sounds like they moved their washer and dryer to an upstairs level, which a lot of people are doing. Why climb all the stairs if you don’t have to? And now they’re going to benefit adding a bathroom down here for obvious reasons.

The housing market’s crazy. Everything’s crazy right now. Add the bathroom, the price will increase and you can use. Now, I don’t know if they’re going from two to three or from one to two, but adding a bathroom is always pretty awesome.

What do you think of this job, Jayden?

Jayden: It’s different than what I’m used to, but I’m here learning with Billy and it’s something that I’ll benefit from later.

Troy: We are proud to have Jayden, any young guys coming into the trades. If you know anybody who wants a good, solid career, this one we’re actually playing in the dirt. But at Champion, we don’t do a whole lot of playing in the dirt, probably a couple a month of these remodel-type jobs.

Otherwise, we are usually dressed, clean and crisp, and doing the service work in and out of houses, doing water heaters, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, replacing stuff for the most part.

Like I was saying, if you know anybody who is looking for a good career, I would much appreciate you sending them to us at Champion Plumbing. If they have any questions or you have any plumbing needs, look us up on the web and please click that subscribe button. Thank you.

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