Good Things Last A Hundred Years

This is just a very small amount of Wolverine Brass Faucets available. We have a whole catalog. These faucets come with a 100-year warranty!
These are fantastic faucets that come in many different styles and color options.
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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • Why Wolverine Brass Faucets Are The Best.
  • One Of The Best Faucets You Can Get Today.
  • This Faucet Is Best Use For Kitchen, Lavatory, and Bath.

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Troy: Hey, Troy, Champion Plumbing out of Egan. I’m at the shop in Egan, Minnesota. Just wanted to show… I can’t say enough about the Wolverine Brass faucets, kitchen, laboratory, and bath.

They have a hundred-year warranty. You can get just the basic or you can get a little bit nicer. That’s what I have in my house, all fairness. Or you can get the stylish.

A hundred-year warranty on their finish and on their cartridges.

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