2021 Water Softener Prices Update

In this video, Troy goes over our updated water softener prices. We place units in a good, better, best category to help our customers choose what fits their home and budget. A well-functioning water softener can have many benefits, including softer skin & hair, less soap used, less scale & scum buildup, fewer stains on dishes, pipe and appliance protection, and better-tasting water. If you have more questions on any of these units or would like a water softener in your home, please reach out to us!

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Troy: Hey everybody. Troy, Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. We’re going to talk about water softeners again. I know I already have one video out there, but it is a bit old and we’ve changed our good water softener to a North Star system. Good solid machine.

It is the cabinet style. So you flip it open and you pour your salt in. It has a plastic bypass built into it. This one is going to last 15 years, ish maybe, maybe get a little bit more out of it.

For the North Star, our good version water softener it’s $1,522.18. That does not include the city permit. You’d have to talk to the dispatch team to figure out if your city requires a permit and how much that is.

Moving on to our better version is a Bassmaster. They have brass parts and a brass bypass. It’s a little higher quality, and it’s going to last 20 to 25 years. We have that in the cabinet style where you flip it open and put your salt in. As well as the two-tank style where you’ve got the tank that stands alone and the big tub that you can move around if needed.

So space requirements are really the only reason you would pick one or the other. If you have the space, I would usually pick the two-tank system. You can put a little bit more salt in it and you don’t have to make as many trips up and down the stairs, right? So you’re good, North Star, you’re better, the Bassmaster.

The cabinet style BrassMaster’s $1,896 for the unit and the installation. The two tanks is $1,804.17.Moving on to the one I have in my house, I call it the Cadillac, is the MultiMax. This one you can see it’s quite a bit bigger. Let me get behind it. So it’s almost as big as I am, right? It’s also, it only comes in the two tanks. So you get a salt bin, and then you got the machine.

This one has a big carbon filter on it, as well as a water softener. So they basically have this machine, the Bassmaster water softener. Inside of a bigger tank because they have a big carbon filter in the tank. This is going to get rid of chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, prescription drugs, just all the stuff they’re finding in the water that I don’t want my kids bathing in.

So that will take care of the entire house. As opposed to these will just soften the water. This one’s going to have a carbon filter in it as well. This, the MultiMax supplied and installed is $2,575.68.

All of these are going to work for your basic two bathrooms, three, four-bedroom home. If you have something bigger, you’d need to call in and we’d have to size it for you, but these are all going to take care of it. They’re all smart.

They count the water you use. They regenerate when they’re supposed to. They’re plug-and-play. Let us hook it up, set it up and you forget about it.

All you got to do is add salt once in a while. So if you have a water softener that’s old, failing or just don’t have one at all, give us a call 651-365-1340.

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