Things To Remember When Doing A Water Pipe Replacement

Check out this galvanized to PEX water pipe replacement in Richfield, MN. Cole went to this customer’s house because the existing water pipe is rusting from the inside out. Their main water piping was all replaced with Type A PEX. Be sure to look inside the old galvanized piping, you’ll see how it cakes up with rust. If you would like to have water piping replaced, or have leaks such as this customer had that need fixing, please contact us!

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  • Important Things You Need To Remember When Doing A Water Pipe Replacement.
  • How To Properly Replace A Water Pipe.
  • Galvanized To PEX Water Pipe Replacement.

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Cole: Hello, everyone. Cole with Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. We’re in Richfield, Minnesota today. We’re going to be doing some water piping at the home.

As you can see, we have a lot of the original galvanized that’s rusting from the inside out. A few months back, we came in for a couple leaks, repaired, but today’s the day we replace all of it. Luckily the basement’s wide open, so it shouldn’t be too bad to do.
What we’ll do is we’ll cut it all out and go to the new line to the bathroom, laundry, sink.

What we’re going to be using type A PEX from Uponor. We put another piece right here, a ring. It’s expansion type water piping that way we get a really good size diameter with the 3/4 and the 1/2 inch PEX with this.

We’ll go ahead and cut all that out, put this all in with some new shutoffs to the bathroom, kitchen, and it’ll improve their water pressure by quite a bit and we won’t have to worry about any leaks or anything like that.

All right. We got all the galvanized cut out of this home, all laying here, different pieces and sizes.

You can see all that buildup of corrosion and rust inside the lines. And yes, these are lines you do drink water out of.

Little update here, we just had the city out to get a new valve below the meter. We always call that the street side valve meter. And then you got your valve [inaudible 00:02:21] inside, outside. We got rid of all the galvanized here, and we’re just working our way across with the PEX now.

All right, we’re all done with the water piping, got rid of all that galvanized and we got all new class A PEX. And you can see we insulated the hotline for energy code down the whole stretch. This way goes all the way to upstairs bathroom. And we do have an outside spigot right here, held here, I’ve got it off now.

And then back over here, we have the laundry room where we got that hot and cold again, insulated on the hot, all strapped down ready to go.

If you guys are looking for anything like this needs to be done in the home, get rid of that galvanized, even check your galvanized, sometimes you’ll find a connection somewhere that will have a leak in it. A lot of times we can repair that, but at one point in time, you’re going to have to redo it all.

Give us a call 651-365-1340. Check us up on the web Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We always try to get more and more videos of what’s in the home on there and how to repair what needs to be done. Other than that, thanks for watching.

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