What To Do With A Toy Clogged In Your Toilet

Customer had a toilet clogged with a toy jammed inside. The drain company was not able to clear it out, so they called us to replace.

In this video, we go through many unnecessary steps to attempt to remove the toy. Of course, none of these would be tried in a customer’s home. This toy was determined to remain jammed.
If you have a toilet that needs replacing or any other plumbing needs, please reach out to us! We can supply toilets, or install any toilet already purchased.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • How To Remove A Clogged Toys In Your Toilet.
  • Easy Way On How To Removed Stuff Clogged In Your Toilet.
  • Things You Need To Do To Removed Solid Particles Stuck In Your Toilet.

Listen To The Audio

Enjoy this transcript below!

Troy: All right, Troy, Champion Plumbing, Eagan, Minnesota. We got a toilet that we are going to try to get a ball that got stuck, a kid’s toy got stuck in it. We got the call, we called the drain cleaner, the drain cleaner broke his auger trying to get it out. So now we’re going to try to have a little fun on a Friday and see if we can blow it out.
Stay back, Tito. Back.

Speaker 2: Put your glasses on.

Troy: They’re on your head.

Speaker 2: Just something, I want something on.

Troy: And turn your face. Turn your face.

Speaker 2: All right, what am I doing? Hold on.

Troy: Can’t get a good seal?

Speaker 2: Can’t get a good seal. Two-inch press.

Troy: Try something else.

All right, so now they’re going to try the pressure washer. Jam it up in there and see what happens.

Speaker 4: You think that’s going to work?

Troy: No. Hold on.

No, I do not, but they’re going to give it a shot. I don’t think it is.

I think it’s because he just got turned down with low pressure.

Speaker 2: No, the other way.

Troy: Yeah, it was tight. Well, you’re getting soap to come through.

I don’t want to be on the wrong side of this. You’re pushing a lot of soap through but we need something with more pressure or a better seal, I should say.

Speaker 2: All right, here we go.

Troy: Yeah, no, don’t stand right there.

Speaker 2: Oh, I know.

Troy: Glasses down.

I want to be on this side of it so I can see where it goes.

A little air pressure. See if he can get it.

Speaker 2: No, that’s probably as tight a seal you’ll get. That’s 80 pounds just blowing right past you right now.

Troy: Just blowing by it?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Troy: Oh yeah.

Well, whomp, whomp, whomp.

All right, Nick, you’re up.

Nick: I got a hammer. I’ll get it out.

Troy: Grab it, let’s see this little badass… oh, I can’t sweat on here. Let’s see this little ball that’s causing so much issues.

All right, Nick. You’re up. There it is. Yay. One hit.

Nick: She was wedged right there.

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