Helping The Good People In Apple Valley, MN With Their Water Supply

Temporary water connection in the city of Apple Valley, MN. We are onsite with Sebastian and Adam, however, Adam chose to stay off-camera this time. These homeowners are having their roads torn up and redone. Since their water main is connected on the roadside, they will need a temporary water connection. In this video, Sebastian will show us what we look for, and exactly how water will be tied to the home. In a situation like this, we are working with the city of Apple Valley, MN, as they are our customers. It’s a multi-home project, with multiple stages. If you needed something like this, likely your city will have already contracted a plumbing company. However, if you have any other plumbing needs, please reach out to us!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • Why These People Need A Temporary Water Connection Installed.
  • We Not Only Do Service For Homeowners, We Also Help Cities.
  • How We Install A Temporary Water Connection.

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Enjoy this transcript below!

Chris: Good morning. Chris from Champion Plumbing out on the field in Apple Valley. We’re with Sebastian. We are hooking up temporary water for the City of Apple Valley. They’re having the roads reworked. Sebastian is looking at the water main right now. Sebastian, what are you trying to find?

Sebastian: So we’re going to make sure they have a good house side, main valve, ball valve. Just so when the city does come in and hook up the temp water, they can shut it off with ease. So a ball valve is a simple quarter turn handle, like that, on a gate valve. If they do have this on the house side, which is above the meter, then we’re going to simply replace that. But since they do have the ball valve coming up, we should be good there.

And then also we’re going to check the outside spigots, make sure those are good so they can hook up the temp water. If there is a softener in place, we want to make sure that’s piped incorrectly. They don’t have one in this case. So generally, we’re good.

Chris: Perfect. So we’re going to go outside. We’re going to check the spigot, see how that looks. And is that where we will hook up the temporary water?

Sebastian: Yes. So we’re going to make sure the front or the back is not anti-freeze. If it is, we’re going to have to replace that or find one that isn’t, so then the city can come and hook up to it. Because they’re not going to be able to hook up the temp water to the anti-freeze spigot, because water is not allowed to go through or back through those. So we’re going to check those, make sure those are good and then we’re ready to rock.

Chris: Perfect. Sounds good. We are in, again, Apple Valley. We’re working with the city on this. More than just one house, it’s a larger project, working on multiple houses. This is just one of the many houses that we’ll be working on. And we are going to finish checking this out and then we’re going to go outside. Let’s go check out that spigot.

Okay. Chris from Champion Plumbing out here in Apple Valley. This line that you’re looking at is the temporary water line that the city puts out. These residents are getting the road redone. So in order to make sure all these homes still get water, they hook up a temporary water supply and they call us, Champion Plumbing out in Eagan, Minnesota. Again, with Sebastian.

This is the customer’s spigot in their backyard, getting to see the water line connect to here. Sebastian, what are we going to do with this?

Sebastian: So when they dig up the roads, they’re going to turn the water off. As they have that off, obviously there’s going to be no water coming from the city to the customer’s house. So that’s why they have the temp line coming. We have to feed in through a normal spigot. And then they’re just going to thread it on and give the customers’ temp water while they’re doing their work.

Chris: Perfect. So unless I’m mistaken, we’re good here. Everything in the inside is good. Is there anything we have to do? I see there’s not an anti-freeze spigot, it looks like a standard spigot.

Sebastian: And that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

Chris: Perfect.

Sebastian: So we should be good to go.

Chris: I’m going to zoom up here a little bit so you can see. That is what a standard spigot looks like. Many homes today do have the anti-siphon, anti-freeze spigots. Which again, if it had that, then we would have to replace that just so this temp water line would work. Sebastian, do you know how long they’re going to have this temporary water?

Sebastian: Honestly, I’m not sure. I think they’re going to be starting in a couple of weeks here, digging up the road. But probably, I would assume until the job is finished.

Chris: Perfect.

Sebastian: But I couldn’t give you an exact time on that.

Chris: All right. Fantastic. All right. Well, Chris from Champion Plumbing out here in Apple Valley, and with Sebastian. If you have any plumbing needs, please give us a call, 651 365 1340. Or look us up on the web, Please subscribe. And obviously, like always, call us if you need anything. Thank you.

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