We received a call about a sump pump that was running all the time. It wouldn’t shut off. So I took it apart and cleaned it up. Then installed the sump pump again and it works! the sump pump float was stuck and full of debris. If you need some help with fixing your sump pump, please call us at 651-362-2622 or you can visit our website at www.championplumbing.net.

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  • Things That Can Cause A Sump Pump Stops Working.

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Troy: All right. Hey everybody. It’s Troy with Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today, we are in West Saint Paul. We got a call of a sump pump that wouldn’t shut off, just constantly running. So, we’re checking it out. My first video clip ended up getting deleted, so here’s what we have. I’ve got the sump pump removed and I started cleaning and I found a bunch of rocks and debris in the basket and all around the pump and the float. All right, I’ve got the sump pump out. It’s a little oily looking, but it’s out. I have a little bit more water to get out of the basket and we’re going to be getting all the rocks and junk out of the bottom of that, and put them back together.

All right. I got the sump pump back in. I cleared out a lot of the debris. You can see most of the rocks and all the crud is out of there. This is an example of what was in it. Just a ton of little river rock. That stuff will jam up this check valve and things just won’t be happy. They won’t work right. So, I’m going to plug it in and see if it works the way it’s supposed to. Here we go. You can hear some of that junk still moving out of there, but that will, hopefully, turn on and off like it’s supposed to do. There you can hear it sucking dry.

If you need a some pump or yours is getting old or it’s just not working properly, give us a call at 651-362-2622 or look us up on the web, www.championplumbing.net, and please remember to subscribe to the channel. Thank you.

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