Easily Installed Water Purifier At Home

We all love purified drinking water! Why not have this in your home? We can provide a system for you, or we can install one purchased by you, the homeowner. Maybe you have one in your home that needs servicing? We do that too! You can never go wrong with clean drinking water. 
If you have any plumbing-related concerns or upgrades, we’re a phone call away!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • How To Properly Install A Water Purifier At Home.
  • How To Have Purified Drinking Water At Home.
  • The Right System You Need To Have Purified Drinking Water.


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Cole: Hi, Cole, Champion Plumbing. We’re out of Eagan, Minnesota today, at a home, installing an RO system. They never had a RO system before. This is our unit right here. You have a granular filter membrane here, and then there’s one behind there. Basically, plug and play. Come in on off the cold shut off to your kitchen, tie in your cold. This is our drain hose right here.

It’s a two-gallon tank with the two filters hooked onto it. Also, comes with a chrome faucet. We just pre-drilled our own hole right here because they didn’t have an existing one. And within a few hours, they’ll be filled up, and we’ll have to drain a few tanks out on the initial startup. And then once that’s done, they’ll have filtered drinking water.

This is something like this that you want us to tackle at your home to get some purified drinking water in your home, give us a call 651-365-1340, or on the website, www.championplumbing.net. Thanks for watching.



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