How To Setup A Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Got a call to test a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) in Eagan and it failed the test. We decided to put in a NEW pressure vacuum breaker instead of just repairing the old pressure vacuum breaker. #pressurevacuumbreaker #PVB #plumbingrepair #commercialplumbing #backflow #backflowprevention #irrigation #plumbing #backflowtest #plumbers #eaganmn

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  • How To Know If Pressure Vacuum Breaker Is Working Properly.
  • Learn How Pressure Vacuum Breaker Work.
  • How To Install Pressure Vacuum Breaker Correctly.

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Troy: Hey everybody. Troy, Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota today. We’re in Eagan, right next to our own shop. We got a call to test a backflow preventer. Again, this is going for an irrigation system. You want to water only to go one direction. You don’t want the chemicals leaching back into your city water.

This is a pressure vacuum breaker. They’ve got it up high because there’s a little bit of a Boulevard there. With the pressure vacuum breaker, you need to stay one foot above the highest head. Otherwise, again, you could have problems with it leaching back into the system. Tanner and Cole, working away at this. I will chime back in, in just a few minutes when it’s all done. We’ll test it and turn the water back on.

All right. Troy of Champion Plumbing out of Eagan with Cole, Tanner, and Matt, just doing a little bit of training on the pressure vacuum breaker. It’s all done. They’re going to test it real quick. We also added a new valve down here because that one was original to the building.

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