Before and after replacing a water softener with carbon filter and installation of flo by moen. If you need any help for a water softener, water conditioning, or you want to check out the Flo By Moen, you can go to our website, www.ChampionPlumbing.net or just give us a call at (651) 362-2622.

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  • How to replace a water softener?
  • How to install a Flo by Moen?
  • How to change old gate valves?

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Troy: Hey, everybody, Troy with Champion Plumbing, Eagan, Minnesota. We are in Farmington today. We’re going to be replacing a water softener and installing a Flo By Moen, and changing out some old non-working gate valves for the outside spigots, so they can be drained down, shut off and drained down, so they don’t have any problems when it freezes.

This is what he currently has. It’s an old cabinet softener. You open it up, dump your salt in, does its job, just does its job. We’re replacing it with a MultiMAX softener and carbon filter. The first half of this tank has carbon in it, so it gets rid of chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, all the stuff we’re finding in our water that is obviously not good for us, and then it softens the water, so it’s a two in one deal. This one has the tank that you put the salt in here, and like I said, the Flo By Moen is going to be hooked up on this one, so we will get to work and show you our finished product.

All right, we are complete with the water softener install. It’s in its backwash cycle right now. The Flo By Moen is in. I’m going to let the homeowner actually hook it up, because you need WiFi passwords and your Bluetooth on your cell phone, smartphone, or tablet. We also did put in two outside spigot valves. I’ll just shut the water off, and you can bleed it down for our cold Minnesota winters, so nothing freezes on them.

So if you have any needs for a water softener, water conditioning, or you want to check out the Flo By Moen, you can go to our website, www.ChampionPlumbing.net. We also have a Facebook page you can search, search yourself on that, or just give the office a call at (651) 362-2622.

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