Installing A New Gas Line For Gas Stove Range

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  • How to test a gas line
  • How to install a new gas range

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Troy: Hello again, Troy, Champion Plumbing, Eagan, Minnesota. I’m in Minneapolis today, testing a gas line that we installed for a new gas range. It’s an older home, but they always had electric so we just ran a gas line. We just got it pumped up to 60 PSI. We will leave that on it until the inspector arrives today. You only need to leave it on for 15 minutes, but we’ll wait for the inspector to get here, and once he takes a look at it and signs off on it, then we will be able to hook up the range and you can see the line going through the floor there. Obviously, the gas range is in the kitchen, so we will chime back on once the inspector gets here.

All right, we are all done. Here’s the range. The homeowners pulled the knobs off, which is kind of clever. He’s got a young child here, so that way they can’t turn it on accidentally. I’m going to try to get to the back side of this. You can see we got the anti-tip bracket on. There’s a gas valve and a flexible gas line, so that’s it. If you have a project like this, get ahold of us at 651-362-2622, or Thanks!

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