In this video, we want to show you how a broken toilet collar looks like and what to do if you are having issues with it.
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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • You Will Know How A Broken Toilet Collar Looks Like
  • Learn How To Replace A Broken Toilet Collar.
  • What To Do If You Are Having This kind Of Issue.

Enjoy this transcript below!

Charlie: Hey everybody, this is Charlie of Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today Adam and I are in West St Paul. Have a project where we were coming to put a toilet in, and the toilet collar, as you can see is sitting quite a bit off the floor, and it’s broken. So we’re going to run downstairs and show you what we got to do down there to replace this collar, to get the toilet to sit nice and tight on the floor like it’s supposed to.

Adam: All right, so we’re downstairs. You can see the old cast main drain stack. And this is the one I believe we’re going to verify quick that we’re going to be cutting into. So we’re going to cut it off a little here, and redo it with PVC, and get it down to the floor level where it’s supposed to be, so everything works like it’s supposed to. If you have a high or rocking toilet or some old casts that may need to be torn out, give us a call at 651-365, that’s not our number, 651-362-2622 or look us up on the web, www.championplumbing.net. I’ll get some more pictures on here when we’re all finished.

Charlie: All right, and here we are at the top side, new toilets in place. Adam’s working on getting her finished off. He’s going to put some dap around it and obviously put the toilet seat on. Other than that, we are good. If you have an issue with your existing toilet or just want to get a new one, give us a call at 651-362-2622, look us up on the web www.championplumbing.net and please click that subscribe button.


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