Cole joins us from a job site to talk about anti-freeze spigots!
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Speaker 1: Hello everyone. Cole at Champion Plumbing. We’re over in Eagan, Minnesota today, looking at an outside spigot back in here between these gas meters. As you can see, we’ve got a normal just boiler valve here. This one’s a little bit different. This is called the antifreeze spigot.

This spigot shuts it off 12 inches into the house. We were called out here today because we got the water off inside right now, but it is leaking. Typical Mansfield here. This one was put in, in ’91. One way to repair it, go in the house, cut the pipe, put a new one in. Problem with this one, typically they’re in a finished wall. Therefore we would have to cut open those sheetrock wall, do our thing, and then patch the wall.

Mansfield, they do make replacement parts. Right now I got the handle and the rod separate. The rod comes out, and they usually make a rebuild kit, or we can rebuild this whole piece.

There’s a couple of different variations of washers on the end of it. So basically this is shutting the water off 12 inches in, therefore it won’t freeze. So we’re going to order up some parts and we’ll get a whole new rod and handle back in here. And it will virtually be like new again.

So spigots outdoor, regular spigots replacement, repair. We even have a pressure vacuum breaker for irrigation out here too. Looks like they had to replace a valve one time on it. These should be tested once a year. That way you know they’re working.


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