Easy Steps To Fix A Locked Up Garbage Disposal

Do you need to call a plumber??? Is your garbage disposal making a humming sound or no sound at all?? We show you how to reset and free up a locked-up garbage disposal.


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Troy: Hey everybody, Troy Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today, I’m actually at one of my neighbor’s house in Lakeville. This is about a garbage disposal, and when he flipped the switch, nothing happens. What do you do? Call the plumber, have a service fee. Or, at the very bottom of your garbage disposals, there is a little reset button, which I’m trying to find. Reset button, where are you? All right, let me get upside down here.

So, if you hit the reset button, a lot of times it’ll pop back on and you’ll hear a, I just hit it, you heard that click. And then when you flip your switch, you’re going to hear a buzz. Listen. That’s because the garbage disposals jammed, okay? The little gears inside there that, when you put food in there sometimes, or when they get older, they’ll just jam up on you. So, we got this handy little tool, it comes with every disposal. If you’ve ever seen one, hopefully, you didn’t throw it away because right at the bottom of the center of the garbage disposal there’s a spot where you can put that in and break it loose, so if it gets stuck on something like a, oh, I don’t know, chicken bone, whatever you’re putting down there and it gets stuck, then use that tool to break it free.

And ta-da, now everything is working like it should. So, rather than calling a plumber, obviously, you could call us, right. We’d love to come help, but you could potentially save yourself time and money checking that reset button on the very bottom center of the disposal. Get your tool or an Allen wrench and break it free.

You want to make sure the switch is off when you break it free, otherwise, it could spin, and as always, always, always, run water- This should be up here side note. But, run water down your garbage disposal whenever you’re running your disposal. So, sorry this is a little shaky, little moving around in the video here, but it was again, a neighbor of mine called me. “Help, plumber. Garbage disposal’s not working.” So, cruised over here quick and thought, if I can help her, maybe I can help a bunch of you too and save everybody some money and keep us in mind.

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