In this video, we are going to show you the good better best options for sump pumps. We talked about the Wi-Fi capabilities and the differences between the three units. Need any plumbing services? Contact Champion Plumbing now! You can call us at 651-365-1340, 651-362-2622, or find us directly

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Troy: All right. Troy with Champion Plumbing in Eagan. We’ve got a little table display for sump pumps, is going to be the subject today. We have a good, a better, and a best with a battery backup. I’m here with Cole and Tanner. They’re going to help explain the difference between the two of them.

Cole: All right, so here we got the good, better, best. This one’s just a single float plug into the wall. Water reaches, pulls up the float, it activates it. We have a check valve here. All the water above this stays up here. A little flapper shuts and leaves this so it doesn’t air lock when it wants to turn on. We bump into the middle one here, you’ll see the float’s a little bit different. It’s a dual float. If one fails, another one will kick on. That one goes up to this controller here that plugs into the outlet, and the float plugs into this.

Troy: So does that hook up to wifi?

Cole: This one can hook up to wifi. It’s a separate kit that we do have available.

Troy: Okay.

Cole: Nine volt battery goes up here. It’ll beep if you lose power. Different lights will tell you what’s wrong with it. High alarm is the optional feature you can also buy for it. It’s another float that sits up higher in your basket.

Troy: So, so far this one has two floats. It has the option to hook up to your wifi and it has an alarm?

Cole: Yes.

Troy: Ooh, sure does.

Cole: And then Tanner will talk about the battery backup one.

Tanner: Backup system here on top of your line. You’ve got two pumps, main, primary and backup. Lose power, you’ve got a maintenance free battery to get you through the night if your power goes out. We’ve got a three year warranty on these, manufacturer warranty. This one also capable of hooking up to wifi with the extra add on.

Troy: So yeah, that’s the best. Again, this one has two floats as well? So two pumps and two floats?

Cole: Yes.

Troy: And it can hook up to wifi. Does it come with the wifi or is that an add on?

Tanner: That is an add on. You’d have to buy it separately through us.

Troy: Sweet. Well, there you have it. We’ve got sump pumps 101. Again, Champion Plumbing, Eagan, you can call us at 651-365-1340, 651-362-2622, or find us directly Obviously, Google is a good source to find us. Thanks.


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