These are types of water softener available in Champion Plumbing that you can choose from.
These machines have a long lifespan to consider and a very reliable water softener. These machines help
to get rid of any chlorine in your water.

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Troy: Hey there, Troy, Champion Plumbing of Eagan, Minnesota. We’re going to talk about water softeners in this video. I’m going to give you your good, better, best option and the price for us to come out and replace them. At Champion, we carry the BrassMaster line. It’s local. It’s a company that is out of Ramsey, Minnesota. It’s a water control company where we get our stuff. It’s nice to support a local business and we’ve been with them for a while and I’ve had just great luck there. They’re good people and I can have answers to questions in simply a phone call.

So jumping right into it, we have the good, is the Pentair. This machine is going to be $1,221 installed for a basic replacement and of course, all of these numbers are for basic replacements of what you currently have. If you don’t have a softener right now, then it would be a little bit more, we would be able to give you that price when we came on-site. But at least this way you have ballpark. You know what you’re looking at. That one is going to have about a 15-year lifespan.

Going into the better is going to be the BrassMaster. We have a cabinet style as well as the two tank style. It’s really a space thing and what you have now if you have enough space for a two-tank I would recommend going that way. If not, the cabinet will do its job. So this one being a BrassMaster product is going to be a little bit more high quality. It’s going to last longer, 20 to 25 years. It’s going to sit down there and do what it needs to do. And that goes for the two tank model as well.

And then moving into the one that I have in my house, we call, I call it the best or the Cadillac of water conditioning. This one actually has a big carbon filter in it as well as a water softener, so it takes care of pesticides, herbicides, fluorides, industrial solvents, even prescription medications now they’re finding in our water. So this will knock a lot of that down.

For example, when I brushed my teeth prior to having one of these, I could smell the chlorine in the water. Not anymore. Now it doesn’t smell, right? Now it’s just water. So this machine is $2,230 installed. I don’t think I gave pricing here, for the two tank BrassMaster is $1,562, and for the cabinet style BrassMaster is $1,641.

So if you need to replace your water softener or you have any plumbing needs, we would hope you give us a shot. You can call our office at 651-362-2622 or look us up on the web, Thank you.

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