Easy $200 Win Each For Our Two Lucky Subscribers

Subscribe in the month of March, and two lucky people will win $200. The drawing will be at the end of March.

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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • How To Win An Easy $200.
  • Complete Guide On How To Win $200 In March.
  • How We Really Love Our Subscribers.


Enjoy this transcript below!


Troy: Hey everybody. Troy and Chris with Champion Plumbing out of Eagan. We’re talking about all this money we’re going to give away in the month of March. Why are we giving money away, Chris?

Chris: Because we love to give money away, Troy, and we love our subscribers. So what we’re going to do for the month of March is we’re going to pick two people in the month of March and each will get $200.

Troy: $200. What do they got to do to get $200?

Chris: All you have to do is subscribe. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, check out our videos, ask us questions. You don’t even have to ask questions. All you have to do is subscribe. Hit that subscribe button, like some videos if you would. $200, each.

Troy: Could be yours. Nothing but a click of the button, hit that subscribe button.

Chris: Thank you all.


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