Perfectly Relocating A New Gas Meter In St. Paul, MN

Gas meter main relocation in St Paul, MN! This customer had their gas main inside their home, but must be brought outside, per the city. In this video, we show you how that’s done! If you have a gas main that needs to be relocated, or even a gas line to your garage maybe, or anywhere for that matter, please let us know!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • It’s Important To Relocate The Main Gas Meter The Right Way.
  • How To Replace & Relocate Main Gas Meter.
  • Gas Meter Main Relocation With A New One.

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Enjoy this transcript below!

Troy: Hey there, everybody. Troy Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today, we are in St. Paul, where a customer used to have a gas meter here. A lot of these older houses, you had the gas meters on the inside of the house and the gas companies are slowly going around and getting them all on the outside of the house.

So what we are doing with this project is running a new gas line from the inside where the meter was to the outside where the new gas meter is. I’ll bring you out there. We just had an air test, passed that inspection so that excel can turn the gas back on, and then there’s some more projects happening at this house.

We’re going to be getting rid of the galvanized pipe, bringing everything in high pressure now helps, so we can run over to all the other appliances. So more to come with that probably in the few weeks or a month, and I’ll show you what we did on the outside. All right.

So here’s the outside. You can see the new gas meter where Billy’s got air on it. Well, the air’s off now. We passed the inspection, so he took the air off.

So if you have a new gas line, like this gentleman’s going to be running it out to his garage at some point, or any need of plumbing overall, give us a call at (651) 365-1340. Or look us up on the web Thank you.

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