This Is Why You Need To Replace Galvanized Water Piping

Inside galvanized water piping. The rust, sediment, dirt, grime, this is why the form of water piping is no longer allowed. Not just all the dirt, but the flow reduction to your fixtures. If you have this form of water piping, it’s highly suggested you have it changed to either Pex or Copper. Give us a call if you’d like us to come out and give you a quote!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • Why You Need To Replace Them.
  • What This Kind Of Water Piping Brings To Your Water Supply.
  • Reasons Why You Need To Get Rid Of Galvanized Water Piping.

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Troy: Hey there. Troy at Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. I want to show you real quick galvanized water piping. A lot of our houses, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington Richfield, a lot of the older areas will still have galvanized water pipes.

If you do, please get that replaced before it starts springing leaks on you.

The inside of these pipes is really what I wanted to show you. They are gross. That’s just full of sediment and calcium and just junk, and that’s going through your whole house. So that’s not good, obviously.

If you need a quote on replacing your water piping, getting rid of the galvanized, putting in either open or PEX is what we like to use and or copper, give us call 651-365-1340. Thank you.

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