Quickest Way Of Fixing A Broken Plumbing Drain

Nick is on-site in St Paul, repairing a commercial plumbing drain break. The customer had already chipped up the concrete. As you can see, generally it’s a dirty job, but it needs to get done. Nick dug out the pipe more, cut, and reinstalled it. Another happy customer!
Much of our work is in residential homes, but we do it all, including commercial. If you have a drain break or need any plumbing work done, please reach out to us!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • How To Replace A Broken Pipe.
  • How We Fix A Broken Commercial Plumbing Drain.
  • Things To Remember When Fixing Broken Commercial Plumbing Drain.


Enjoy this transcript below!

Chris: Good morning, YouTube. We are at a commercial building right now. We have a customer that has a floor drain, has a hole in it. You can see that flange there, used to be for the toilet. You see the hole is right there. So we are going to take care of this customer. We’re going to cut open the pipe, replace that broken pipe, and we’ll see how it turns out. Chris, from Champion Plumbing, we will talk to you soon.

All right, here we are back in Saint Paul. Got everything all replaced. All that busted up cast iron. We got our backwater valve, so no sewage backups. We got our vent. We got our main stack and we have a future. So there you go.


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