Benefits of a Water Softener in your home.

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Hard water contains high traces of calcium and magnesium ions, which can create limescale and have a damaging effect to the internal heating and plumbing systems of your home, as well as limiting the effectiveness of soaps and cleaning products. Soft water doesn’t contain these elements, and as a result, households with water softeners are capable of saving a considerable sum of money throughout the year for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of a Water Softener:

  • Improve the Efficiency of your Water Heater

    • Scum and scale deposits from hard water could lead to blockages and cause damage to your water heater. Hard water can also reduce the life of your water heater, causing heat efficiency loss of up to 12%.
  • Save Money on Cleaning Products

    • Hard water contains magnesium and calcium ions that reduce the effectiveness of soap. However, with soft water, cleaning can be achieved at a lower temperature using fewer cleaning agents, resulting in a better outcome.
  • Better for Skin and Hair

    • Soft water is a game-changer for skin care, while hard water can worsen conditions like eczema. The excessive use of soap in hard water leads to soap scum, a potential irritant for the skin. Soft water makes clothes feel softer and helps prevent skin issues caused by abrasive clothing.
  • Protection for your Appliances and fixtures

    • Hard water buildup can cause blockages in plumbing systems, including appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. Soft water can remedy limescale deposits and provide a longer lifespan for your overall plumbing system and appliances.

Contact your local city to find out your water’s hardness. Anything over 5 grains per gallon (GPG) should have a water softener.

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Water Softeners – Quality Water Treatment Systems

Water Softener Installation and Options

At Champion Plumbing, you can choose from a few options and types of water softeners.

These water softeners have long lifespans and are very reliable. They are also great for anyone looking to enhance water quality and improve the longevity of their appliances. These systems can even help reduce any chlorine in your water. 

If you are considering a new water softener for your home and need water softener installation or replacement, contact Champion Plumbing today! 

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Water Softeners

Water Softeners use ion exchange to remove undesirable minerals. This exchange results in clean, conditioned water, ideal for washing, bathing, and protecting and extending the life of your plumbing and appliances. 

Champion Plumbing offers three primary levels of Water Softeners**


North Star

Available cabinet and two-tank softening systems that boast advanced high-efficiency technology, pro-grade materials.

North Star Water Softener



Heavy-duty brass valve bodies, long-lasting metered control heads, NSF® and FDA-approved media, and two tank or cabinet (combined tank) models.

Brassmaster Water Softener


Brassmaster MultiMAX

Whole home charcoal and resin filters for Chlorine and Chloramine reduction.

Brassmaster MultiMAX

**For well-supplied water, we recommend performing a water test, and we offer additional softeners based on the results.

Hear from the experts

Our Master Plumber, Tanner, and Journeyman Plumber, Lee, discuss the benefits of a water softener and the three different models that Champion Plumbing offers. Watch this video to learn about the differences between each model.

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