Installing A One-Piece Toilet In A New Remodeled Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel in Eagan! Customer remodeled their whole bathroom and called us up to install their one-piece toilet. Nick walks us through how to install a toilet when the new floor has been installed.

Some people double up their wax ring to accommodate for the floor being uneven. While that may be okay in some applications, we prefer to ensure a tight seal. Especially when there is a finished basement below.

If you have any plumbing needs or would like us to install a toilet for you, please give us a call! We can provide toilets, or install one already at your home.

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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • How To Do A One-Piece Toilet Installation Properly.
  • Complete Guide On How To A Perfect One-Piece Toilet Installation.
  • How To Properly Use Wax Ring For A Toilet Installation Like  A Boss.


Enjoy this transcript below!


Chris: All right. Good morning, YouTube. What we have here is a toilet install for a customer. You can see the brand new toilets right there. Nice new vanity, nice new floors. So the customer in this situation, their floor is a little bit higher than the flange. That which, we would prefer to have it flush. So you can see the markings there.

The technician had marked the spot where the floor needs to be cut. So the floor installers will come back, cut that spot. We’ll put a new flange going directly on top of the floor, provides a better seal. So in this situation, we’re not going to be able to finish the installation. We will come back and we’ll see how it looks. Standby.

All right. Good morning, Chris from Champion Plumbing out in Eagan, Minnesota. We are out on-site with Nick. Looks like we have a toilet flange. This is the part two. Customer had a new floor installed. We have the spacers put in the floor. This will bring the floor to the original height. Nick showing some spacers there. All right, Nick, what’s the plan for getting this toilet installed?

Nick: Well, first we line up everything, screw-down our spacers, set the toilet. That simple.

Chris: That simple. All right, we’re going to watch you, Nick. Go ahead and show everybody what you’re going to do. So he already got one of them drilled out, put the screw in. And the nice thing about this is it brings this flange to the same height as the floor. Provides a good tight seal.

Nick: Yeah, I’m going to pack this all with wax too.

Chris: Perfect. And some homeowners, they want to add two layers of wax. All right, what I was saying is some homeowners, some contractors add two layers of wax. Yes, that can be done, but we don’t do that. We want to ensure a nice tight seal, so we go with one layer of wax.

We’re going to get this floor flange installed, the toilet flange and we’ll check back in a second.

All right, Chris from Champion Plumbing. So he’s got the toilet flange installed. Got the sitting in place and you can see, we added some wax between the old flange and the new flange just to kind of give it a little added seal. And then we do have the thicker wax ring with the… What do you call that, Nick? It’s got the…

Nick: The horn.

Chris: …funnel.

Nick: The horn.

Chris: The horn, all right. Place that in as it’s supposed to be with the horn facing down. And as all of you toilet installers know, we will place this toilet right on top of those bolts and we should feel the wax smashing in place. All right, Nick, what’s the next step?

Nick: Set the toilet.

Chris: All right. We’re going to pick up this toilet, which is right here. It’s a one-piece toilet.

Nick: With hidden bolts.

Chris: With hidden bolts. All right, standby. We’ll show you how it looks once we have it in place. We got the toilet installed. Actually, Nick’s still installing it, but we got the toilet in place. He is tightening the nut on the bolts that is coming up from the toilet flange. Sometimes they’re a little tricky to get to. This particular toilet is a one-piece. You can see how everything is integrated as one complete unit. So the holes are right on the side, which it will have a cover to go over. But trying to tighten that nut inside that hole can sometimes be a challenge.

That’s why you see Nick trying to find the best comfortable position to make that happen. Once we have this done, we’ll hook up the water, get the tank lid put on, put the seat on, make sure everything is running well. Yeah, it shouldn’t take too much longer.

Perfect. So we got the toilet with water on. Nick, do we have any leaks?

Nick: So far so good.

Chris: All right, everything looks good there. Let’s get the seat ready to go on and this will be fully complete. Really nice-looking bathroom. Nice mirror.

Nick: I’m just going to do our caulking around the base afterward and hit the road.

Chris: Perfect. All right. We’re going to take one more video of how it looks when we’re done and this job will be complete, onto another.

Okay. Chris with Champion Plumbing, Eagan, Minnesota. Nick is finishing up his installation with this single toilet. You can see he is adding caulking to the base. Nick, why do we add caulking to the base of the toilet?

Nick: It seals it, holds it in place.

Chris: Nice.

Nick: And it actually makes it look better, I say.

Chris: And then I can see it is white caulking. This is when it stays white or does it change color on us?

Nick: It changes to clear when it’s fully dry.

Chris: Perfect. It’ll actually probably work well with these floors too. Fantastic, Nick. Good job.

Nick: And afterward I take my sponge, clean it all up. Never see it again.

Chris: Nice. All right, if you have a toilet that you would like installed or if you have any plumbing questions that we can help out with, information is on the top of your screen. Feel free to reach out to us. We will talk to you soon. Chris out of Eagan, Minnesota, Champion Plumbing.



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