Installing A One-Piece Toilet In A New Remodeled Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel in Eagan! Customer remodeled their whole bathroom and called us up to install their one-piece toilet. Nick walks us through how to install a toilet when the new floor has been installed. Some people double up their wax ring to accommodate for the floor being uneven. While that may be okay in some applications, we prefer to ensure a tight seal. Especially when there is a finished basement below. If you have any plumbing needs or would like us to install a toilet for you, please give us a call! We can provide toilets, or install one already at your home.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • Difference Between House Side & City Side Water Shut Off
  • Why Do You Have To Choose Between These Two
  • Reason Why You Need To Choose Between These Two Carefully.

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Nick: Hey everybody, Nick here at Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today, we are in Burnsville. The house side main doesn’t hold. The city side main shutoff was leaking. So the customer wanted them both replaced.

The city’s already come out and shut it off at the curb. So we’re going to replace this valve. At the same time, we’re going to replace this pressure regulator and this other valve. So we’ll see what happens. Let’s get this done.

All right. We are back. The water is back on. Everything’s up and running. Pressure reducing valve regulates the pressure in your home. As a lot of people know in Burnsville, the water towers’ on top of Buck Hill which cause extreme water pressure. So this reduces it down from 120 down to 60 to 80 PSI the way you want it.

Well, if you have any plumbing issues, give us a call at 651-365-1340, or check us out on the web at and have a nice day. See you next time.

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