How To Know If Your Water Softener Is Working Properly

Here we change from a two-tank water softener to a one-tank water softener. Many reasons why, in this case, more space. Champion plumbing supply and install Brassmaster water softeners. We stand behind them. I have one in my house, they work great and are made in America! If you are in need of a new water softener or any plumbing needs please call our office (if you are in the twin cities) at 651.365.1340

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  • How To Properly Install Water Softener.
  • Learn How To Determine If The Water Softener Is Broken.
  • Learn More About Water Softener.

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Troy: Hey everybody, Troy at Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. We are doing a water softener in Lakeville, Minnesota right now. This is a old Commers. It’s only, let’s see, it says 2007. So it’s only 14 years old, but it’s failing and we are going to replace it with a Brassmaster one tank. This is a two-tank. So it’s got the main softener, does all the work and then the salt bin. Lift this up, pour your salt in. And we’re going to change it and put a one-tank system in. No real reason other than little bit of extra space.

You can see the main water valve is back there. So it’s kind of tough to get to. So we’re going to get rid of that. We’ll move it right over here where the salt bin is and chime in here again. Putting in a water softener in Lakeville.
Real quick, just wanted to chime in. This is the softener in the box. Here’s another beautiful thing about the ones we install. Our Brassmasters are all made in America.

Here we go. So this one’s just sitting in place still. It’s not hooked up anymore. You can see the new lines running over here. And there it is, Brassmaster made in America. It’s a good, good water softener.

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