Why A Water Heater With Tank Booster Is Very Essential?

This water heater was installed with a tank booster. What is a tank booster? Cole explains how it functions, why people are using them, and why you should consider one. This new Bradford White heater, made in America, is a fantastic heater. 
Some signs to consider with a failing water heater include discolored water, water buildup around the unit, lukewarm water temperature, strange noises, length of time since repair/replacement. 
If you have a great working water heater, but want a tank booster, or would like information on both, give us a call!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • How To Replace A Water Heater From 40 to 50 Gallon Tank.
  • Reasons Why You Need A Tank Booster In Your Water Heater.
  • Proper Way Of Replacing A Water Heater Tank Booster.


Enjoy this transcript below!

Cole: Hello, Cole at Champion Plumbing. We’re over in Eagan, Minnesota today, replacing a water heater going with a 50 gallon, upgraded from a 40 gallon. One thing that we did a little bit differently with this install is we installed a tank booster. As you can see, it hooks in on the cold side, hooks in on the hot side. We’re just heating water up right now. We just got done installing it, but we also do have a gauge on here.

What this tank booster does is let us set the water heater temperature on the gas control valve to 140 degrees versus 120. One reason why we can do that now is because the tank booster will bring it back down to 120 degrees when it comes out of the water heater to make it safe so no one gets burnt or anything like that.

What’s nice about having a 140-degree temperature in your tank, it kills all bacteria in the tank. So, there won’t be any bacteria growing in it. Another nice feature of that is since we’re at 140 and we’re dumping down to 120, because of the cold is moving into it and it’s mixing hot and cold, as it goes out the hot, which gives you more hot water out of a 50-gallon tank, or we could put it on a 40-gallon tank or smaller.

We wanted to make a bigger tank than a 50 gallon, but we would’ve had to bump up to about a 75. This one’s a short model right now, roughly four feet tall, 75 gallons, get about five feet tall. And with the venting set up in this home, we really can’t get any taller, because we want a little rise off that vent.

So, this worked out 50-Gallon Lowboy mixing valve on there, kills the bacteria in the tank, gets the customer more hot water. If that’s something you guys would like to be installed in your home, we certainly can do that. We can put it on with the new install or we can retrofit what you have existing to put the mixing valve on. Any questions or anything like that, give us a call at (651) 365-1340. Otherwise, look us up on the web, ww.championplumbing.net. Thanks for watching.



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