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Water heater replacement in Eagan, MN. This customer called us because they had a leaking water heater. Troy is on-site, with our technician, and took care of this customer. The customer also had a water softener that could use some replacing. A good functioning water softener can even prolong the life of a water heater! If you have a leaking water heater, or just want a new one, please give us a call!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • How We Do A Water Heater Replacement.
  • Things You Need To Remember When Doing A Water Heater Installation or Replacement.
  • We Also Install Water Heater Softener.

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Tory: Hey everybody. Troy Champion Plumbing out at Eagan.

Looking at a water heater today in Eagan, which is fantastic. Going over the code issues. It’s got four-inch venting, does turn to, it’s got class C venting right now, metal venting coming off the top. It’s a gravity water heater. It is currently leaking. It’s got a good water valve. It’s got good venting.

Changes to be venting when it gets closer to combustibles. It has a good gas valve they have turned off here, and it has combustion air. So, this one has everything we need. We’ll get her done real quick and chime back in. We’re also going to have to leave an estimate for a water softener.

This thing is beyond its life expectancy. So, water heater in Eagan, leaking water heater, we’ll get her replaced and show you what we did.

All right. So, we got the old one out. Again, doing this water heater in Eagan. The old one is out.

Ta da. Got the floor squeegeed up. Just wanted to show you what we’re going to do here. We put Teflon tape, sorry, I’m a little out of breath. I’m getting old for this. We put the Teflon tape around here, then the pipe dope on it, and then we put our brass unions.

These are dielectric nipples. So we put a brass union on top of the dielectric nipple.

Does have a rubber washer in here, and then we can hook up to copper. That gets rid of any electrolysis problems. All right. Another chime in on this job here in Eagan where we’re replacing the water heater because the old one was leaking. So, these unions we put on, you can see they’re pretty tall.

So when we get it lined up, it’s going to be too close to the sweat fitting on here.

So, we’re going to have to throw a new water valve on, get it up higher.

You do not want to pro-press really close to a sweat fitting because you could crack it, and that would be no good. So, we’re going to replace that valve. All right. One more thing with this water heater. We got it all in. We got it fired up, got the gas on. We have it on hot, which is 120 degrees. Anything over 120 can burn quickly.

So, we set them at 120, but the existing venting here, one of the codes that you look for is it has to have three screws, and the existing stuff here, it only has two. So we’ll be adding another screw to that.

Other than that, we are all done with this one.

So if you have a leaking water heater or need to replace your water heater, give us a call 651-365-1340.

And I guess one other, we did have to replace that valve I told you about. So, there that is.

Good working ball valve. Quarter-turn off, quarter-turn back on.

Finishing her up, look us up on the web www.championplumbing.net and please click that subscribe button. Thank you.

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