This Is Where We Train Our Great And Awesome Plumbers

Tour our Training Center in Eagan! Our plumbers learn in our full functioning training facility. That’s right, our plumbers are always being trained while they are not working.
We’re proud of this, and love to show it off to our visitors!
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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • What’s Inside Our Training Center in Eagan, MN.
  • This Is Where We Train Best And Most Awesome Plumbers.
  • We Have Complete Equipment For Training.


Enjoy this transcript below!


Troy : Hey everybody. Troy Champion Plumbing out at Eagan, Minnesota. We’re up in the shop. I just wanted to give a quick tour of our training facility where we have one, two, three, four showers. One of them is a bath combo and a pedestal sink, which is plumbers really don’t like pedestal sinks. At least I don’t know one that does. They’re tough.

So, that’s why we put one in our training facility. A toilet. All of this stuff is functional, working, and then there’s another basic vanity. This is stuff that we can train our guys on. Try to create problems with. Here we’ve got two kitchen sinks, obviously, with faucets, sprayers. We’ve got RPZs, backflow preventers.

There’s the pressure vacuum breaker for your irrigation system. That’s actually the spillproof. This is the pressure vacuum breaker. Then a sump basket with a sump pump that we change in and out with battery backups. Laundry tub. This is the double laundry tub. We got the anti-hammers on there.

The faucet, obviously. This is where your washing machine would be hooked up.

Got an RO system that’s actually feeding our break room. A power vent water heater, which we’ve made fail, again, just in training.

A water softener. We’ve got the main water coming up just like it would in most of your basements. Coming up with the two valves, a meter. The city actually donated the meter to us, so we could have it here just for visuals, so these guys know what they’re getting into. Frost-free spigot. And we have the favorite water heating source of mine. And most of my colleagues is the Navian tankless water heater.

All of it, again, is up and running and being used to help teach our guys. So if you need a plumber, give us a call 651-365-1340.

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