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  • You Will Know How The Water Heater Works.
  • How To Check If Your Water Heater Is Safe and Running
  • How To Place Your Water Heater In A Safety Place

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Troy: All right, here we are again. Troy with Champion Plumbing, once again in the city of Bloomington. We do cover the entire Metro. Our shop is in Eagan, but for whatever reason, these last three calls I’ve been called out on are in Bloomington water heaters.

This one, a lot of stuff’s up to date. We got combustion air, we’ve got a good gas valve, a good ball valve. He ordered a tall water heater, we’re switching it to a short. Otherwise, we would have to redo this piping so it’s going to save him a little bit of money. Definitely has the space to go with a short water heater. We are putting on a roof cap, much like a … I have a video about roof caps, so you can see. And on this one, we need a fire stop. You can see that black hole. Right now, if a fire started down here, it could get up into the attic by just shooting up that hole. So we’ll put a fire stop. It’s just a thicker gauge metal around it, and that will help buy you a minute or two to get out of the house if something bad does happen.

So not a lot of difference between this and the last couple. I’m not reinventing the wheel on any of it. If you have a water heater project, please give us a call at Champion. You can go online championplumbing.net, our office number is (651) 362-2622, and obviously you can Google us. We got a Google My Business page. Read some of the reviews and maybe give us a call.

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